Meal prep really CAN be fun!  It’s just a matter of being prepared, that’s all.  So, what are some tricks to the “prep” life?

  1.  Make your shopping list well ahead of time before you go grocery shopping
  2.   Plan your menus (including left overs) for the week
  3.   Purchase fresh produce that you KNOW you’ll eat ONLY for one week (don’t overbuy)
  4.   Chop it the day you buy it
  5.   Portion out veggies and protein in portion sized containers
  6.   Weigh and measure EVERYTHING
  7.   Always keep your knives sharp and cutting boards clean
  8.   Prep snacks complete with fat sources (like nuts/trail mix) as well
  9.   Enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

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One of the things I hear the most is:  “I don’t have time to meal prep”.  What I say is:  “you don’t have time NOT to!”  Meal prep is as hard as you make it.  Meal prep is a necessary evil because if you fail to plan you might as well plan to fail.  It’s really not that hard.  Here are some tips to make it more…”.palatable”!  HA!  Sundays just seem to make the most sense to knock out meal prep so get your shopping done then so you can get your CHOPPING done.

  •  Make a huge tupperware bowl full of salad fixings that you can grab and go for lunch or dinner
  • Make breakfast in pint jars using oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese as the base where you can throw different toppings in daily 
  • Broil, bake or grill up different protein sources and proportion them out in serving sizes for the week, freeze what you don’t use
  • Keep protein sources in the freezer as a staples so you always have them on hand
  • Chop up all veggies for the week an portion them out as snacks or side dishes for lunch or dinner
  • Make your own trail mix with almonds, walnuts, pecans, raisins, and cacao chips and portion out as snacks (1/4 c.) is a serving
  • Keep protein powder serving sizes in baggies in case of emergencies at work 
  • Keep a variety of olive oils and vinegars on hand in serving sizes to keep it exciting
  • Hard boil eggs weekly (2 eggs is one serving) to grab and go

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Fix yourself before anything else.