You can CHOOSE!!  Every day you are blessed enough to have a choice to make it a great day or not.  Every day is a new day to be BETTER, stronger, more efficient, etc.  

So that means every day is a DO OVER!  You can CHOOSE to get back on that horse that kicked you off over the weekend with BBQ’s, 4th of July celebrations, lack of sleep, dehydration and what not.  You can CHOOSE to be a Ninja about getting back on track!  

We really had a GREAT 4th of July live in the Enlightened Group ALL about being VIGILANT!  Ninja’s are JUST that.  They are vigilant.  They don’t give up–they have FORTITUDE to push through until their goal is met!  

So I say to YOU….what do you need to be a NINJA about today?  Comment below your intentions!!!

DO IT!  It’s YOUR day–seize it!

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Nothing makes my happier than flowers–and flowers on a Friday REALLY make me smile.  This is my little planter on my front porch.  Every spring I look forward to planting pansies and tending to them all summer long.  SHEESH what a blessing.  

Sometimes we just need a mindset reframe–know what I mean?  Like a shot in the arm, an attitude of gratitude.  Well, here’s yours today!  

What makes YOU happy?  What’s your blessing?  


I wanna know….



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