There are no words to describe our last night in Tuscany, Italy. This is what we got to look at while attending Opera in the kitchen.  We got to prepare our own meal consisting of:  Carrot soufflé, pasta, and apple crumble.  WOW was it ever good!!  We were treated to an opera complete with a harp player.  Just absolutely breathtaking!  And can I just say….this picture is NOT filtered!

It’s almost time for the FREE 5 day challenge to start!!  September 23 is kick off to “Getting to the Core of it!”  Sign up now before it’s too late.  All you have to do is apply!!  Share this post with all your friends and family if they need help with strengthening  your core, learning about gut health, and core nutrition basics!!  Don’t delay!!  Apply here:

Power strength day today!!  We’ll be inside hangin out with some weights!  You coming?  Bring a friend if you want! Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

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Yep, I just got back from Italy and let me tell you something…they know HOW to make Gelato.  That’s just one of the many things they are doing right.  They really have the food dialed in.  I’ve never in my life eaten such clean, amazingly tasty food.  If you’ve ever been–then you know what I’m talking about.  Here’s my take on what I learned:

  1.  They eat ONLY organic food.  They do not use pesticides, or weed killer.
  2.   They do not drink cappuccinos’ after 11:00
  3.   They do not use microwaves
  4.   They drink wine with every meal except breakfast
  5.   They air dry all of their clothes
  6.   They eat slow food and are a huge part of the slow food movement
  7.   They put olive oil on EVERYTHING
  8.   They eat bread with every meal
  9.   They do NOT overeat
  10.   They have the smallest streets I’ve ever been on

Now of course, I’m generalizing–but truly, the Italians got it going on when it comes to living simply and cleanly.  I was fascinated by their zest for life and for food.  They appreciate the land and utilize it to it’s fullest.  NOTHING goes to waste.  Stay tuned for more on this subject.  And by all means SHARE your experiences!

It’s almost time!!  Have you signed up for the FREE 5 day challenge that starts September 23???  Here’s the link if you want a stronger core!

Boot Camp is gonna be STEP INTERVALS!  I can hardly wait.  It’s been too long!  You coming?  Today at 12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness!  See you soon.

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Check it out!  If you need to mix up a stagnant workout try incorporating a tire!  WHEW!  There’s nothing like the rush that flipping a tire can provide!  Try this workout:

3 sets, 8 reps

  • flip tire, run to opposite side, flip it back
  • walking pushups all the way around the tire
  • tire hop in’s, hop outs
  • tricep dips
  • step ups
  • hover hinge

You’re welcome!  Let me know how it goes!

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Do you keep repeating the same weight loss mistakes over and over again?  I get it.  I really do.  It’s easy to do when there’s so much information out there:  Keto, Paleo, South Beach, HCG, Whole 30, Atkins, Raw food, Vegan, the list goes on and on.  I’ve literally tried EVERY diet out there and it’s so easy to get stuck in the weight loss yo-yo lose it, gain it, lose it gain it.  It’s a sad, depressing and lonely place to be.  I HATED the game, because I just didn’t understand how to play.  

HOW do you turn it around and GET OFF THE MERRY GO ROUND!  If you’re sick and tired of repeating the same mistakes over and over then STOP the insanity and ASK FOR HELP!  

I KNOW it’s hard to do.  I had to do it too.  Asking a professional to help sort things out changed my mind, my perspective and my life!  It allowed me to help others GET OFF THE MERRY GO ROUND of yo-yo dieting.  Now I get to change lives the way mine was changed.  

If you want to:

  • look at weight loss with a NEW perspective
  • Learn how to eat for life
  • Understand how mindset plays the biggest part of weight loss 
  • Get a nutrition and exercise strategy that works for YOU
  • Love yourself again

Then ASK FOR HELP!  It’s out there!!  I can help!  Find out how:

Power Strength is about to come UNGLUED!!  Meghann is gonna rock your world!  All you have to do is SHOW UP!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

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Are you ready to get back into a “CORE” routine?  This might be exactly what you’re looking for!  We’re offering a FREE 5 day challenge kicking off September 23. This challenge will be held online in our private FB group Fit Force.  

If you want to learn more about:

*Relieving back pain

*Building a stronger core

*Gut health information

*Workouts while at work

Then this challenge is for YOU!  Click the link below to apply!

Let Nancy take you through a whole new Bootcamp workout.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 

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I LOVE summer!!  I’m always sad to see it go.  It’s always a transition for me.  It never seems warm enough or long enough….here’s my summer lament:

Why oh why can’t you stay and play – why is it that way??

I love your warmth and your super long days – especially when there’s no haze.  

I wait and wait until that first flower bloom – I just wish it was more SOON!

Power Strength is your ticket to play!  Are you coming today?  Fuel Fitness 12:1 0 -12:50 Come and get your ticket.

Yes!!! Exercise is my fave part of the day!! Do you workout regularly? If not give it a try, it will change your whole day! ♥️ #workout…

Are you READY!!!  It’s time for our next 5 day FREE challenge.  This challenge is like non other!  It will be ALL about “GETTING TO THE CORE OF IT!”  Meaning:  in the kitchen, with your gut health and in the GYM!  If you’re looking to understand more about YOUR core and how you can strengthen it internally and externally, then this challenge is for YOU! All you need to do is apply!  No experience necessary.  The challenge will be held ONLINE and if you know someone who needs this, then by all means SHARE the link to apply with them!  Sign up here:

Bootcamp is ON!  OUTSIDE!!  You coming? (it’s a H.I.I.T. kind of day) Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 We’ll be doing Bootcamp on Wednesday’s until the TRX bands are installed, then we’ll move THIS class to TUESDAYS!  You coming?

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I mean why not throw some partner strength workouts in while hiking?  First of all….who doesn’t LOVE to get out in the great outdoors?  Second of all, why wouldn’t you take advantage of making it fun and changing things up with some partner squats.  

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like clearing your mind by getting outside and breathing hard.  I haven’t always been a fan of hiking.  It used to KILL me hauling all that extra body weight up the mountain, but I can tell you…when you’re doing it with a friend–it’s not only more motivating, it also helps take your mind off your huffing and puffing.  It’s like anything, the more you do it, the easier it gets.  

Pretty soon your doing it and you’re actually lighter because you keep doing it!  Here’s to breathing hard and stoking the metabolism fire!  

It’s gonna be a SCORCHER!  So, bring WATER we’re gonna need it!  We’ll be outside breathing in the fresh hot air at Boot Camp today!  You’ll need a medicine ball and your smiles!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

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I LOVE prizes!  Especially when I get to give them out!  I thought it would be fun to hold a 4 week challenge with me clients.  Each week there’s a different challenge with a different prize.  Oh JOY! 

Week 1 was a Bad Ass Burpee challenge.  It was only 7 days, but on day 1 they had to do 5 burpees and each day had to add 5 more.  Pretty easy and fun right?  HA!  Congrats to Bad Ass Samantha H. for capturing the Bad Ass Burpee prize. 

Week 2 challenge was eat vegan all week and post a pic of the meal.  Now THAT’S a true challenge if you’re a meat lover!  Congrats to Jacquelyn G. for nailing it! 

Week 3 challenge is the workout challenge.  Every time they workout, they have to post a sweaty selfie and tag us (me and my assistant Samantha). Winner yet to be determined!

Week 4 challenge is going to be the BIGGEST one yet.  It’s the logging challenge.  Log food every day, every meal for 7 days straight.  WHAAAAAAT?  

LOVE me some challenges!  Of course it wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a grand prize for the most engaged!  STAY TUNED!  And best of luck to the challengers!

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I do a lot of computer work–a LOT and I always have a helper with me.  Sansa is never far away when there’s a blanket and a lap to curl up on.  One trick I’ve learned because I DO sit a lot more than I used to it to drink plenty of water so I’m forced to get up and use the bathroom.  Sansa doesn’t like it much, but my bladder and back sure do.  

Health tip:  if you’re sedentary DRINK WATER!  It forces you to get up and move!


It’s a Group Cycle kind of day today–who’s ready to get their sweat on?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 come and get a wooping!

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When I first started working as a personal trainer, I occasionally worked with people who had an injury of some sort that would say “when I do ‘this’ my ‘shoulder’ hurts”.  So, I HATED saying… well, don’t DO that.  It just didn’t sit well with me to NOT be able to help them….so what did I do?  Went BACK to school.  I received my Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise cert so I wouldn’t ever have to say:  “well, don’t do that” ever again.  Now I get to help people get their functional movement back.  As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I look the CAUSE of the problem not the symptom.  It’s like putting a puzzle together.  In this pic I’m helping strengthen the rotators, while stretching the anterior delts.  This exercise is for rotator injuries:

  • palms up, hold a resistance band in your hands, pulling it apart using only your muscles between your shoulder blades.
  • release the fascia between the blades first by lying on your back with a tennis ball between your spinal column and shoulder blade looking for pain points
  • elbows can be a 90 degree angle as in this pic, or a 45 degree angle depending on which rotator cuff muscles are affected (always work both arms)

Questions?  Shoot them my way.  

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What can I say except….LOOK AT THOSE ABS!!  WOW!  This is ONLY in 8 weeks!  Dory has worked her belly plumb off.  When she approached me about working with me she knew something had to change.  She already worked out, so that wasn’t going to be an issue.  Dory truly thought she was eating right as well.  She knew she probably had a few changes that needed to be made, but wasn’t sure what they were.  I LOVE working with people who REALLY want to change because they DO get the best results!  

Keep reading:

8 week #testimonial:
scale wins – 13.5 pounds lost.
non-scale wins – I feel overall wellness, have more energy, and while it sounds odd I’m just happier. I so love reading posts and learning through this supportive group. I am inspired by the hard work, determination, and perseverance you all give to improving life!
what I’ve learned – I met my weight loss goal but I’m going for 4 more pounds. Anneliese and I had the conversation that maybe my body won’t cooperate with me. I have struggled to do much more than go up and down a few ounces since I hit 124 a week or so ago. I’m still going for it – gonna Ninja-ize and detox!
I also learned I won’t be good at sustaining unless I find a good meal order service. I soooo dislike meal planning and grocery shopping and have found myself eating the same meals.  Goals for next 4 weeks – Get the final pounds off!! Find a good meal service. ENJOY working out with less weight to haul around! 

Congrats Dory!  

Come see what Nichole has up her sleeve for you!  She’s promised me she won’t disappoint you.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50  (all you have to do is SHOW UP!)

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One thing I gotta say about teaching a group exercise class is…there’s NOTHING like team work!  Working out in a group setting just gets my adrenalin pumping.  I love it when everyone brings the energy and really helps elevate the workout to the next level by JUST SHOWING UP!  And I don’t mean physically, I mean MENTALLY!  It’s really about having fun WHILE working out. I guarantee it’s possible to get a GREAT workout in while having fun at the same time. 


It’s about attitude.  You can choose to bring a good one, or a bad one, but the bottom line is—when you walk out that door I bet you will have a different attitude than when you walked in!  

“Wow, I really wish I wouldn’t have worked out today!”  (said no one EVER!)

You guessed it!  It’s Group Cycle today!  AND we’re inside with the room ALMOST put together!  I can’t believe it!  Super excited to get our cycle on—-you coming?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50!  See you soon!!!!!


Well hello there!  Surprised to see you too!  It’s been a couple of years since you’ve graced our yard with your presence.   We love when you come to visit, as long as you don’t eat our Hydrangea’s and roses.  We understand that you have been put out by the fires, and that you just want somewhere to lay your head.  We get it.  We’re just as sad as you are.  Blessings to you and all who are affected by the fires.  Amen.

Your life is a masterpiece. You're going to see it all some day. God is working powerfully in and through you!

If you’re anything like me you LOVE getting outside as often as possible to enjoy the GREAT summers in Montana!  If you love to hike here’s some ways you can make it just as much as a strength workout as a cardio one by finding a cool rock!  You can throw in 3 sets of 12 reps with these simple exercises.  

  • push ups
  • dips
  • step ups
  • box jumps (rock jumps)
  • t-stands

Enjoy the burn and get out there and LIVE it up

Toxins and WEIGHT LOSS workshop TONIGHT!  4 – 7 pm Force Fitness Studio.  There is STILL room if you want to get tested for heavy metals, now here’s your chance!  $100

***Power strength class is happening today!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50.  You gotta show up to get the benefit of it~

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