You KNOW there’s nothing like seeing for yourself your body transform through pictures!  It’s undisputable the results of hard work.  Take a look at Cindi’s amazing 8 week transformation. Remember:  1 pound a week of weight loss is average!  Congrats Cindi!  WOW!  Read about her journey in her words:

It’s been 8 weeks since I made a decision to invest in myself. When I committed to this program is was because I was convinced I was “broken” and couldn’t lose weight. I was working out and I thought I was eating right. But the scale and pictures were saying otherwise. I was actually gaining weight.
However, over these last weeks I have learned so much and realized I was doing so many things wrong.
I have realized my journey is my own
That my gut/digestive system may the issue to not losing weight
I have more confidence in myself
I have learned that some foods I love don’t love me back
Positive Mindset is so important for me- and I need to work on it just as hard or harder than eating right and working out to lose this weight.
I have lost 7 inches throughout
Clothes are getting baggie on me.
11 pounds
I still want to use food as a celebration when times are good.
I tend to slip back into old habits of eating my comfort food.
During my last 4 weeks on this program I am going to challenge myself to the Vegan Detox. (God help me!! ) It scares the heck out of me but it’s a must to know I have done everything. Mainly because I feel that my gut is the culprit to why I can not drop the weight. As you can see in these pics I am losing inches but the scale is showing differently.

Cindi’s results are amazing, but since she still is experiencing gut issues we are going to try her out on a vegan detox protocol.  Stay tuned for her next 4 week results!  

Spinning tomorrow  at 12:10 – 12:50  Fuel Fitness.  Until we get the TRX bands up and operational, we’ll be continuing with the regular schedule.  See you soon! 

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I love Transformation Tuesday SO much I thought I would share with you how to transform AVOCADO’S into fudgesicles!! They are SO yum and SO healthy!  Check it out:

Dairy Free Fudgesicles

2 lg. ripe avocados peeled and diced

2/3 c. cacao powder

1/2 c. maple syrup

1/2 c. coconut milk

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. vanilla

1/4 tsp. pink Himalayan salt



  1.  Add all ingredients to a blender and blend til smooth. 
  2. Spoon mixture into popsicle mold. Tap on counter to get air bubbles out.
  3. Freeze 3 hours
  4. Run under warm water to loosen fudgesicles from mold.

Time for some Spinning?  Oh how I love me some spinning!  You coming today?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 Come and check out the NEW studio!  WOOT!

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These are the times that I’m MOST proud of my amazing queens.  It’s when they literally learn about their bodies and how to change their lives to NOT be in pain anymore!  Check out Sherry’s transformation.  ESPECIALLY her non-scale wins.  Just think what it would be like to eat food and NOT have a gut ache!!

Scale wins: lost 13lbs, 10in overall.
Nonscale wins: my gut health was my biggest win. Before Anneliese Swingle I was gassy, bloated, belly aches and even nauseous ever day!! We found out I can’t have nuts and we rebuilt my gut health. I have energy to keep going all day no headaches from caffeine. Also another big one was learning this is not a diet it’s a lifestyle change!
Goals: going to continue to rebuild my cupboards with healthy ingredients.
Long term I want to reach my weight goal.
So thank you thank you to Annaliese Swingle and everyone here that help my journey!

So HAPPY for you SHERRY!!  Congrats!!!!

Group CYCLE is ON today OUTSIDE!  WHAT??  Yup, you heard right!  We are OFFICIALLY out of the Octane studio and working our way INTO Fuel’s main building.  So BRING your sunscreen, lip balm, sun glasses as we ROCK OUT (literally) to some tunes!  (IT’S GONNA BE SO FUN!!)

It’s pretty easy to get off track when traveling.  OH there’s so many temptations and fun places to eat.  I mean just LOOK at this view!  

ANYWAY, as you may or may not know, we just returned from a road trip (13 hour road trip by car mind you).  So, I wanted to share with you what to do and what NOT to do!

This is WHAT to do:

  1.  Pack a cooler IF YOU CAN!  I packed cottage cheese, berries, bell pepper strips, homemade trail mix, apples and TONS of water.  
  2. Every time you pee, DRINK to replace it! (Yes, there were many pit stops).  
  3. Bring GUM to keep your mind and mouth busy.

This is what NOT to do:

  1.  Pack a cooler for on the way back home TOO!
  2. Don’t substitute pop or alcohol for water!
  3. Avoid chips, popcorn, pretzels SNACKY food when you’re vacationing = water retention

It’s truly easy to eat healthy on the road if you choose your restaurants wisely.  This is a simple grilled salmon with salad and it was FANTASTIC!  You CAN be smart if you plan and prepare.  

It’s also truly easy to be UP 6 pounds in weight when you return back home by following the NOT to do list!

To be continued….I plan to be back in my weight range by next Monday!  Stay tuned and plan, prepare and SUCCEED!



Group cycle with me today in the Octane Studio!  12:10 – 12:50.  All you need to do is get there and I’ll do the rest!

Spinning seems so intimidating until you realize it is just a healthier version of a night club...