Spring fever is EVERYWHERE!  And that means it’s smoothie time again!  I LOVE smoothie’s in the spring/summer time!  Here’s one of my FAVORITE recipe!

Peanut butter chocolate strawberry with a kick smoothie

  • 1/4 c. coconut milk
  • 1 T. lemon oil
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 scoop nitro greens
  • 1 T. peanut butter

Blend and ENJOY!!  It’s truly amazing–doesn’t look great, but who cares.  It’s PACKED with nutrition!!

It’s Boot Camp day!  What you gonna do?  You coming?  Let’s H.I.I.T. it like you read about.  See you soon.  fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 Octane studio!

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Happy Friday!  

People ask me all the time “are you always happy and full of energy?”  And my answer to them is:  mostly… yes!  It’s pretty rare that I’m not happy or energetic–but let’s be real!  THERE ARE DAYS, trust me!  This is what I can tell you.  When I feel sad, or lethargic it’s usually due to:

  • lack of sleep
  • lack of nutrition
  • lack of hydration
  • lack of movement
  • or all of the above! 

When I continually inflict all of the above to my body on a daily basis it takes a toll, a MASSIVE toll!  It sucks the life right out of me.  That’s why sleep, nutrition, hydration AND movement are 4 pillars of my 5 pillars to weight loss and true health and happiness.  I just FEEL better when I get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep, eat TONS of veggies, drink at least HALF my body weight in ounces of water and MOVE vigorously.  When I feel better it makes me HAPPY!  Crazy how simple it really is…


I remember when I hated the way my clothes fit


when I felt insecure about how I looked in a bikini.


When I struggled to have the energy to get out of bed at the first alarm in the morning.


When I looked at people in shape and wondered if it could be me.


I used to think it would take so much energy I didn’t have.


So much time I didn’t want to spend.


So much pain I didn’t want to experience.


Yet I failed to realize how much time I was spending on trying to distract myself from my guilt and shame.

How much time I spent being unproductive because I was operating at such low energy.


How I lived a dull level of discontent all day, every day, and repeatedly felt bad about myself because of my continual failure to achieve the health and body I wanted.


…the funny thing is, it took me the same energy to be unhappy and unhealthy as it did to be happy with my body and healthy.


I just used the energy positively in a way that supported me, rather than beat myself up and stayed stuck.


Let me encourage you…it’s not harder to lose weight than it is to stay the same. It’s just different actions and feelings.


The right feelings and actions will have you feeling empowered and strong, the wrong ones will have you feeling stuck and frustrated.

I implore you…don’t get stuck (like I did), feeling it’s harder to lose weight and be happy and be unhappy.


It’s just a choice, to be trapped or be free.


So please…as if your life depended on it.

Choose freedom


It Thursday and you know what THAT means….POWER STRENGTH!!  Who’s up for some?  Come and join me in the Octane Studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50!  See you soon…

You got this thesocialrenegade.com

I’m so proud to announce the first EVER Wellness Summit in Helena, Mt was a HUGE success.  10 health and wellness practitioners located here in Helena gathered together under one roof in the Octane Studio at Fuel Fitness to share their knowledge and expertise to all who ventured out to learn more about different modalities of healing!  There was acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, energetic healing, health coaching, juicing, yoga, biofeedback, reike, yoga and SO much more!  I personally learned so much from these amazing healers and feel blessed that they said YES to giving 4 hours of their Saturday away for FREE to get the word out about their specialties!  And did I say there was food?  A huge thank you goes out to 1889 for supplying amazing gluten free cookies.  They were delish!  And thank you to Fuel Fitness for allowing us to use the Octane Studio!!  Lastly CONGRATS to Rachel Burright who won a Wellness back pack along with some Vanilla Whey protein powder and a homeopathic Tox-chord supplement!  So blessed to live in this community with so many people vested in making health and wellness their priority!

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You know…I’ve never really been a cold weather person.  I blame it on my Raynaud’s…but that’s just the story I tell myself.  Truth is, I don’t like being cold.  Yah, yah, yah I can bundle up….I know that.  So I do when I need to go outside.  And if you’ve noticed we’ve gotten our fair share of snow recently.  (Oh joy)!  So, there’s no getting around it.  A girl’s got to go outside sometimes.  BUT you know what I’ve noticed?  I’m not as cold!!  I’m not as “affected” by the cold like I used to be….TRUE story!  Want to know why??  


Would you believe when your hormones are out of whack your bodies ability to adapt to temperature fluctuations is affected.  And BOY was mine EVER affected.  Turns out my thyroid was non-functioning.  Since I’ve been on Amour thyroid meds my body is SO much better at handling the cold.  I also sleep better and I don’t have the temperature fluctuations at night like I used to.  


Get a hormonal panel run if you are experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations, hair loss, dry skin, sleep disturbance, fatigue and just general malice.  These are just a few signs of hormonal imbalance.  And I haven’t even touched on nutrition!  HA!

Get well, be well my friends!

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This pissed me off today.


‘Saw a post today in my FB feed which showed a supplement someone used and then compared it with a before and after picture.

It was as if the company was claiming the supplement lost them all the work.

Sadly, this is the the kind of stuff  the health industry is selling these days. Lies.


In fact, most of the health industry makes more money if you stay stuck in your health rather than transforming.

Think about doctors and hospitals even…how do most of them make money? When you get sick more often and keep showing up. They’re not motivated to make you long term healthy. They’re incentivized to get you well for the moment, but not stable in your health over the long term.


But yet that’s what you think you’re buying. And you’re not.

One of the big reasons I became a coach is to expose these lies, because in the end, I only want to succeed through my clients LONG TERM SUCCESS.


Not through a gimmick, not a single form of powder,


But by changing the way they think, feel, and behave…in a way which is fun, simple, and TRULY healthy.


Stop believing the big fat lies of the people holding you back…many of them network marketers, or supplement companies, or some fancy new app.


It’s a gimmick, and the real, integrated, sustainable solution is the only thing standing in the way of you waking up to a different body and mind 30 days from now…


The truth, and the truth alone…will set you free.



Power Strength is ON today!!  You coming?   Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio.  Be there ready to rock and roll!

Because You'd Rather Lift Weights Than Do Cardio


And somehow, I knew I was capable of more.

I hated feeling self conscious about the way my clothes fit, too tight in all the wrong places, making me want to wear clothes to hide my body rather than express it.

Turning down my friends when they invited me to the lake or to do anything in shorts, because somewhere deep down, I wasn’t ready to be seen in my own skin.

Having that late night deep craving for pizza and ordering it, and while I enjoyed it, but felt the sense of guilt which comes from knowing I was caught in a vicious cycle not getting better.

I looked at other people who were fit and while for awhile I thought “must be so nice and easy for someone like that,” I later realized I had just been making excuses.

After seeing enough people transform their bodies, I realized my life wasn’t meant to be lived with guilt and feeling sorry for myself. I was meant to live a life of freedom and joy.  A life of happiness and meaning.

A life of power.


The difference came for me from meeting people, several of them who had learned to love exercise, eating healthy food, loving themselves, giving themselves a healthy mindset, taking a science and play based approach to weight loss.

Thank God I did. Thank God I fell in love with this idea…because now I’M that person.  The one that DID transform and change not only my body, but my MIND!




Think about it:  it takes just as much energy to hate your body weight and be insecure as it does to do something about it.

BOOT CAMP BABY!  Today in the Octane Studio will be some high faluting stuff!  What you say it’s time for?  How about some BOMB BURSTS??  See you soon, 12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness



I used to wonder why it was so tough for me to stick to a fitness program…

Why I’d start a program for 4 weeks, lose some weight, and then slowly find excuses to quit and then go backwards.

Why I’d be so disciplined for around 6 weeks but then for some reason it would be over. Then i’d give up. Then I’d go back to the way I was before.

Why this happened multiple times a YEAR, and I’d look back over multiple years and show no progress.

Once I created my body transformation, and my clients created theirs…

I started wondering (and asking) them why the things they tried in the past didn’t work, and then what they felt was different about my program.

One of the biggest common denominators?

Rather than a focus on motivation, I focus on fun.

You see, most people think their issue is a lack of “motivation,” but that’s not the problem.

Everyone is highly motivated to do and continue to do the things they find fun. They don’t have to struggle to be disciplined to eat food they like and hang out with people they like and get praise.

They don’t have to struggle. They do it automatically.

Think about your own life, does someone have to “hold you accountable” to things you like? Like eating a pizza or watching your favorite show?

Of course not, you love those things.

And that’s the key to sustainable health. Making the process fun.

Sure accountability is important, especially early on as you’re creating the habit…

But if you’re doing it right…fun is where you’ll end up before long. That’s where you want to be.

Because what’s fun is sustainable. Fun is permanent.

Fun creates automatic motivation.

So no need to try and psyche yourself up to get motivated.

Find a way to do what helps you and is fun too.

That’s the sweet spot.

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses Giclee Print by Brett Wilson at Art.com





Today is Thankful Thursday…I never want to take for granted all that I’m thankful for.  And this guy, this one right here, I am so very thankful for. He is my rock, he puts up with my craziness, he keeps me centered and makes me laugh so hard sometimes it hurts!!  Giving thanks is so important.  Living in an attitude of gratitude sets your mind up for positivity.  It’s an easy way to keep you grounded in all the things big and small that you have in your life.  It’s helps keep your focus on what you DO have and not what you DON’T.  Living in gratitude brings peace and comfort knowing that you have SO many things to be thankful for.  What are YOU thankful for today?? 

I’m ALSO thankful for Power Strength today at 12:10 in the Octane studio.  Come to Fuel Fitness for an attitude change.  See you VERY soon.

If These 19 Motivational Quotes Don't Get You to the Gym, Nothing Will

One of the things I hear the most is:  “I don’t have time to meal prep”.  What I say is:  “you don’t have time NOT to!”  Meal prep is as hard as you make it.  Meal prep is a necessary evil because if you fail to plan you might as well plan to fail.  It’s really not that hard.  Here are some tips to make it more…”.palatable”!  HA!  Sundays just seem to make the most sense to knock out meal prep so get your shopping done then so you can get your CHOPPING done.

  •  Make a huge tupperware bowl full of salad fixings that you can grab and go for lunch or dinner
  • Make breakfast in pint jars using oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese as the base where you can throw different toppings in daily 
  • Broil, bake or grill up different protein sources and proportion them out in serving sizes for the week, freeze what you don’t use
  • Keep protein sources in the freezer as a staples so you always have them on hand
  • Chop up all veggies for the week an portion them out as snacks or side dishes for lunch or dinner
  • Make your own trail mix with almonds, walnuts, pecans, raisins, and cacao chips and portion out as snacks (1/4 c.) is a serving
  • Keep protein powder serving sizes in baggies in case of emergencies at work 
  • Keep a variety of olive oils and vinegars on hand in serving sizes to keep it exciting
  • Hard boil eggs weekly (2 eggs is one serving) to grab and go

Boot Camp baby TODAY!  You coming?  We’re gonna be doing some High Fives!!  You up for the challenge??  Gonna be FUN!  See you soon…Fuel Fitness Octane Studio 12:10 – 12:50.

Fix yourself before anything else.


Have you ever wanted something so bad you were willing to do whatever it took to get it?  I remember when I had to get a new car…like my old one was on it’s last legs.  I was willing to give my first born (kidding Austin) instead I sold my dad’s coin collection.  Yes, that was tough, but I had to get REALLY resourceful, because I just didn’t have the extra money lying around.  Was it worth it?  HECK yah.  I still have that car to this day and I love it!  Point is….sometimes you have to get resourceful to get the things you want (like a total body transformation for instance).  Will it be worth it?  HECK yah–it’s your health for pete’s sake.  Too bad we don’t value our health like we should until we don’t have it…right?  Don’t wait until it’s too late….THAT’S not worth it.  Cheers to resourcefulness.


It’s time to get your STRENGTH on!  POWER STRENGTH is on tap today in the Octane house.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 You coming?

Dangerous is being weak. So lift ------------------- Model: @vorkinky…

Sometimes we take life too seriously.  Work stress, family stress, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, sedentary lifestyle all add up to no fun, no laughter, and just taking it all too seriously.  When was the last time you cartwheeled?  how about jumped on a trampoline?  When was the last time you acted like a kid?  Kids don’t take life seriously.  They don’t feel stress and they know how to laugh and have fun.  I know, I know….they don’t have responsibilities.  I get that, but sometimes we need to look at life through a child’s eyes.  Life is too short NOT to.  Now, go and do a cart wheel–warm up first so you don’t pull a muscle!  Ha!  (You’re welcome!)  This is your Wednesday Hump Day tip brought to you by an old kid! ME!

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It’s so interesting all the prep that goes into party planning.  As you know, Tim is a HUGE Rams fan right?  Well, when they made it to the Super Bowl I just knew there was going to be a party.  So, for the last 3 days we’ve been prepping!  If you’ve ever planned a party then you know how much time, energy, decorating, grocery shopping, meal prepping and cleaning it takes to pull off a great shin-dig.   I was just thinking wouldn’t it be cool if we all spent that much time, energy, grocery shopping and meal prepping on ourselves?  We would literally be SO prepared, successful and organized  not to mention feel accomplished!  But we don’t….why?  I guess it’s a lot of work?  Yah, but it’s so worth it.  The party was was a hit, everyone had fun.  The food was phenomenal (great group effort of course).  But most of all the COMPANY of friends and family… priceless.  Just think…you can have the company of friends (co-workers) and family every lunch and dinner when you have your meals all prepped for the week.  Think of meal prep as prepping for the big game each week!  Right?  Just a little Monday Mindset shift for ya!  Too bad the Rams lost–but fun was still had by all.  Cheers!

~You only fail when you stop trying~ #quotes #Words


When was the last time you laughed so hard you peed your pants?   I mean really had a belly burner, tears streaming down your face, can’t catch your breath laugh out loud laugh?  Did you know laughing not only works your abs like crazy, but it also releases endorphins into your bloodstream, stimulates circulation, boosts your immune system, prevents heart disease and helps your relax.  So, LAUGH to your hearts content your health depends on it!  Brought to you by 2 jokesters!  

Yes, laughing and lot of sport, combined, represent the healthiest therapy !

Epic fail right here people! ~ WOW~  I have to tell you…it’s not easy trying to get the right outcome of a plan.. or picture in this case. So, this is me attempting to jump over the wave and falling right into it.  It’s me failing BIG time and I’m not gonna lie IT WAS FUNNY!  But–that’s life… it’s made of failures and successes. How you choose to look at life makes all the difference.  Sometimes you make plans/set goals expecting certain outcomes, and when you don’t meet those expectations of your goal setting you see it as a failure.  IT IS OKAY TO FAIL!!  You NEED to fail, it’s part of your learning experience.  However, when you don’t learn from your failures and keep repeating them you’ll never fine success.  for instance:

  1. Have you tried to lose the same weight over and over again?
  2. Have you tried every fad diet in the universe?
  3. Have you tried working out insanely and not seeing any results?
  4. Have you tried eliminating entire food groups?
  5. Have you tried under eating and over exercising?
  6. Have you tried rewarding yourself with a “treat” because you lost weight then gained it back plus some?

If this is you, you’re probably feeling like a FAILURE, but you’re NOT!  You’re just living life…HOWEVER if you’re sick and tired of failing and repeating the same mistakes maybe it’s time you had some SUCCESS in 2019!!  Maybe it’s time to invest in YOU.  Maybe it’s time you asked for help.  If you want 2019 to look different from 2018, then message me if you want LONG lasting success you can be proud of!  CHEERS to 2019!!

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NO CLASSES at Fuel Fitness today!!!  See you tomorrow!