A huge shout out to all who attended the heavy metal toxicity workshop.  We were able to scan 16 people who suffered with everything from the inability to lose weight, auto-immune disorders, mold exposure to cancer recovery.  Helena was truly blessed with the presentation and Oligoscan  Dr. Lu brought all the way  from Mt. Shasta, Ca.  She is an internal medicine doctor from China that healed herself from Hashimoto’s disease caused from glyphosate toxicity.  If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all, glyphosate is the leading ingredient in Round up which is now being removed from shelves all over the country.  Dr. Lu’s mission AND mine is to heal the world from illness, hormonal disruption, weight gain caused by environmental toxins.  I’m so fortunate to be able to team up with Dr. Lu to help ANYONE and everyone that suffers from any or all things in between.  Her knowledge about detox protocol is TOP notch and something I very much believe in.  If you want more information on how you can detox safely and effectively let me know and I can help get you started in the right direction with Dr. Lu as your health advocate!!  Thanks Dr. LU!!!

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If you’re anything like me you LOVE getting outside as often as possible to enjoy the GREAT summers in Montana!  If you love to hike here’s some ways you can make it just as much as a strength workout as a cardio one by finding a cool rock!  You can throw in 3 sets of 12 reps with these simple exercises.  

  • push ups
  • dips
  • step ups
  • box jumps (rock jumps)
  • t-stands

Enjoy the burn and get out there and LIVE it up

Toxins and WEIGHT LOSS workshop TONIGHT!  4 – 7 pm Force Fitness Studio.  There is STILL room if you want to get tested for heavy metals, now here’s your chance!  $100

***Power strength class is happening today!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50.  You gotta show up to get the benefit of it~

Short Strength Quotes - “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength” – Oprah Winfrey Quote #inspirationalquotes #truth #personaldevelopment #selflove #quotesoftheday #motivationalquotes #qotd #quotes***


BRRRR….ever dip your toe in the water and it’s cold, then once you get in it’s not so bad?  At first it’s really cold.  Like– you might shiver, and feel stiff, not trying to move much, then the more you move around you get warmer, then pretty soon you’re swimming around in it like you’ve never been cold. Am I right?

Well, it’s NO different than working out!  SERIOUSLY!  At first when you start to work out you’re cold–you feel stiff– it’s hard to move around.  Sometimes it seems SO cold and it seems SO hard you don’t even want to start working out.  You can’t even imaging it ever getting better.


I always say—the first time is the worst time.  It DOES get better.  The more you move around, the easier it gets and the warmer you get.  You feel less stiff and more CONFIDENT in moving around.  The more confident you feel the more you want to do it.  The more you do it the more you change!  

Who doesn’t want to change right?  All you gotta do is dip your toe in the water….

I can help you get acclimated.  WOOP!



It’s a Power Strength day!  You ready to play?  So much fun when we play together.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 OUTSIDE. See you soon. 

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This girl….THIS one right here, I can’t say enough about.  I love when people FINALLY decide it’s the RIGHT time for them to change because they’ve tried everything else, they’ve watched other transformations, they are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of nothing working.  Her story says it all!  Congrats Tracy! I just couldn’t be happier for you saying YES to YOU!  MMMWAH!

Today marks the end of my Enlightened journey. Reflecting back to the beginning, I was in a state of frustration. I tried many different eating plans including WW, South Beach, low fat, low carb, macro counting, etc. While I experienced results the first couple of weeks, I quickly plateaued and none of the programs resulted in the lifestyle change I was searching for. I was diligent at working out as long as I had a plan, but my favorite free workout app suddenly removed their plans (3 to 6 week full exercise programs) and went with collections (still a great resource but it no longer provided me with a structured scheduled plan). I never was much for drinking plain water (so I was dehydrated), I was under eating, and I took a maintenance medication for GERD. I had been following Anneliese on social media and one of her Transformation Tuesdays encouraged me to reach out. Anneliese and I talked and decided I would be a good fit for her program. We set my goal, she recommended shooting for 10 pounds and I told her I wanted to target losing 10% of my weight.

Fast forward to today, I have transformed. Completely transformed. Not just my body, but my mind, my heart, my lifestyle. I eat REAL food and I love it! I eat more calories than I have on any other “diet”. I very rarely experience GERD and I no longer take the maintenance medications. I have received many compliments on my complexion and that I look “happy and healthy”.

In addition to these non-scale wins, I exceeded my 10% goal by nearly 3%. I’ve lost 19 pounds, 3 inches from my chest, 5.5 inches from my waist, 3 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my thighs, half an inch from my calves, and 1.5 inches from my arms.

I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained from Anneliese. She never hesitated once to help me when I was struggling and she helped me break through challenges. I am also extremely thankful for the support from my family, friends, and the other program participants. It’s important to have support and encouragement to be successful.

I am sad that the Enlightenment journey has come to an end, but I am confident that I will sustain this lifestyle change. And, I will continue on in the Energized Workout group and Fit Force. Many thanks and love to you all!

Group CYCLE today in the Octane studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 WHO’S COMING?


Happy Monday!  I LOVE mantras!  What a great way to set up a great day by inspiring people.  What does it take to inspire someone?  Not much…..Maybe it’s as simple as a smile, a hug, a note of gratitude, or even a love letter about how amazing someone is.  

Why inspire others?  

  1. There’s nothing better than being a positive role model for other people
  2. Changing someone’s outlook by inspiring them with yours  is gratifying
  3. Inspiration is ENERGIZING
  4. Inspiring others is motivation to do more for yourself
  5. Inspiration is life changing

What will you do today to inspire all around you?

50 Inspirational Quotes To Motivate You When Life Gets Hard

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Feta and Toasted Pecans | 31Daily.com



12 ounces baby spinach
16 ounces strawberries, quartered
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
1 cup toasted pecans


1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar (white, red, apple cider, balsamic)
3 tablespoons coconut sugar
1 teaspoon poppy seeds
1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste


Prepare the Sweet Poppy Seed Dressing and set aside.
In a salad bowl, combine the spinach, strawberries, crumbled feta, and toasted pecans. Pour the salad over the greens and toss until evenly coated.


To toast the pecans in a dry skillet, heat a small skillet over medium-low heat. Add the pecans and toast until fragrant, about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir often to prevent scorching.

Calories in must be less than calories out to lose weight!  (The magical weight loss equation)

I know you’ve heard this mantra said multiple times, you’ve read it, it’s preached everywhere you turn.  BUT I hate to be the bearer of bad news….IT’S A LIE!  This statement does NOT hold true in every situation.  Please stay with me and answer these questions:

  1.  Do you undereat daily?
  2. Do you overexercise daily?
  3. Do you exercise intensely every time you workout?
  4. Do you NOT exercise at all?
  5. Do you eat processed food only?
  6. Do you eat right before you go to bed?
  7. Do you eat only one meal a day?
  8. Do you follow the KETO diet?

Following me?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this statement would not hold true for you!  So if you are trying to lose weight and have NOT been successful by following the magical equation….quit wasting your time and start finding the magic equation that works for YOU!!  

If you want to know more comment:  I want to know more!  

BOOT CAMP baby!  Yep!  It’s Wednesday again.  It’s time to add a little STEP to your life don’t you think?  Come and join the step party.  LET’S DO IT!!

Anxiety is a dangerous emotion.You mentally, perhaps physically, hurt yourself. You mustn’t do that. It’s not good for you; it’s not healthy. Pick up positive and healthy strategies that you can turn into habits that will transform your life and rout your anxiety.For example....read more at www.positivitysparkles.com for tips on this quote!

Do you have a tribe– or a workout buddy?  How about  someone that keeps you on track and holds you accountable?  What about a workout plan?  What if you could have ALL of these things RIGHT at your fingertips??  Would you be JACKED??  

Well, now you can!  If you’ve always wanted to hire a trainer or coach, but just couldn’t get your schedules to mesh, no worries, I GOT you! 

 I’m super excited to offer  ENERGIZED WORKOUTS online!!  You can have workout buddies, a tribe, and a great workout plan that you can follow on your own time!  

Want to learn more?  Apply here:



Are you a closet eater?  

  • Do you eat in secret where no one can find you or see you?
  • Do you stick to your diet religiously during the day and then when you get home in private completely go bonkers and eat everything in sight?
  • Do you eat healthy in front of everyone, but when you’re alone eat unhealthy?
  • Do you sneak food into your diet when no one is watching?  

It’s a SUPER hard topic to talk about.  No one wants to admit it, because….well…..it’s a secret for pete’s sake.  So, why do we do it?  One reason: 


Somewhere along the line we’ve developed a sense a shame about ourselves and use food as comfort.  After the shame from eating comes the guilt.  Shame is a focus on self, and guilt is a focus on behavior.  When we focus on CHANGING the behavior, we can then release the shame associated with it.  Shame is an amazing thing…it is the swampland of the soul says Brene Brown.  She’s done a ton of fascinating research in this area.  This is one of the many mindset  areas  people struggle with when it comes to weight loss.  

If this speaks to you in ANY way, please feel free to PM me or comment below.  The hardest part is talking about it, but knowing there is someone out there who gets it, sure makes it easier.  Love and hugs….

Power Strength is on tap for today in the Octane Studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 you coming?

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Are you stuck? 

You’ve been working on that summer body dieting since January— you’ve been on a roll, the weight has been coming off until now and you’re plateaued BUT you haven’t met your goal yet.  You can’t get past it.  No matter what you do with your diet you are plateaued!  You just feel STUCK!


Maybe you’re stuck and you never really got started?  You’re paralyzed and have no idea where to begin so you do nothing….you start out great at breakfast and lunch and then just plummet at dinner because you’re starving, so you snack while you cook, then eat dinner and munch on popcorn or chocolate or anything to keep you emotionally fed, go to bed and do it all again the next day.  It’s a vicious cycle you can’t get out of.    You just feel STUCK!


You’ve been working out religiously, you eat clean, you do everything right and the scale just won’t budge.  Nothing is changing, so you cut back on calories and increase your workout time and intensity and no matter what you do nothing changes.  You just feel STUCK! 

Which one are you?

I have FIVE slots open in my 12 week Enlightenment Transformation program and YOU might be one of the lucky ones that FINALLY get’s UNSTUCK!!  You want in?  Click the link to apply:  


This is how you get unstuck: You reach. (Quote by Cheryl Strayed).

So, I’m injured….   Yup!  It’s hard to even write these words, but if they speak to just one person it will have been worth my energy.  I’ve been dealing with an injury to my pubocapularus ligament for probably 9 months now.  What the heck is THAT you ask?  Well, apparently it’s pretty important ligament that originates from the front side of the hip bone (think butt) and attaches to your pubic bone.  To put it in a nut shell, I have a PAIN IN MY ASS (and it’s not Tim!)  But that’s not really what this post is about.  

Stay with me…

This post is about how to work THROUGH an injury.  I know MANY people that workout injured, or just quit working out altogether hoping it will go away.  Or are  afraid of getting RE-Injured so  don’t workout at all?  Am I speaking to you?   I’m here to tell you ALL of those ideas are BAD!  

Here’s WHY and what you CAN do:

  1. Don’t delay!  When you are injured the BEST thing you can do at first is of course REST and ice and DO NOT STRETCH!
  2. If the resting and icing doesn’t change your pain within 48 hours seek a diagnosis.
  3. Start with your GP.  Pain is your guide, it’s your body’s way of communicating with you.
  4. Explain your symptoms, to your GP, or maybe your chiropractor, or whoever you seek care from.
  5. Don’t stop searching until you find the solution to FIX your injury.  
  6. Most importantly:  REHAB the injury before you go full bore back into your routine!
  7. There ARE things you can do that don’t aggravate the injury focus on those and for pete’s sake DRINK WATER!  Hydration and SLEEP will be your best friends.  

Questions about an injury you have?  Hit me up, I would love to see if and how I can help!!







You’re probably thinking that this is a joke but I promise you that I’m not joking at all

I mean we were all told that building any form of muscle is “hard” right?

You’re probably saying to yourself one of these:

1- “I’m going to have to be a slave to the gym and be there for hours and hours at the time…?! No!”

2- “I’m going to have to give up all my favorite foods & eat chicken and rice all day to get muscle…Great…How fun! (said sarcastically)”

3- “I don’t have time for this…I’ve got a ridiculously busy schedule. Hell no!”


Now, this may come off as shocking to some of you…


A ton of the current systems that are being taught in the fitness world are terrible, not fun and totally unsustainable for most breathing human beings


On behalf of the fitness world to you…we’re sorry

Sorry for feeding BS lies like:

>>>>>2 hours a day 7 days a week in the gym is the sign of true dedication and anything less means that you’re a lazy pushover or “not committed”

>>>>>Eating disgusting food is “honorable” and judge you for having “no self control”

>>>>>Making promises that certain supplements will burn off all fat when in actuality, it was just some disingenuous marketing tactic just to manipulate you into buying our “proven & tested products”

This is not okay, and I stand at your defense

So ya up to hear the ACTUAL truth?

No overpromises, no hoaxes, no fake facts, none of that…

Here’s a SIMPLE and easy process ANYONE with a busy schedule can use to progressively build their muscle WITHOUT having to marry the gym or nasty food:

1)  Commit to 30 minutes twice a week to strength training

2)  Focus on total body work 3 sets, 12 reps to start with

3)  Always engage your core doing ALL lifts

4)  If you don’t have 30 minutes, do 15 minutes focused work on 2 muscle groups.

5)  Don’t have a gym membership?  NO problem–nothing is harder to lift than your own body weight

I’m sure after reading that, you feel like 1000 lbs just came off your shoulders as you take a breath of fresh air now, right?

…Trust me I know…I felt the same way when I found this out too

It frustrates me seeing so many people feeling like they can’t make a transformation because of these false expectations of what is “required” to look good and feel good

This is easier than you think
This is more enjoyable that you think

And ya know what?

It just takes a few small changes to see big changes

Make those changes…and have fun while doing it

P.S: If you’re wanting to know what those small changes need to be, simply drop a “I WANT TO KNOW” down below or message me and I’ll let you in on all the goodies 😉


Wednesday = BOOT CAMP DAY!  It’s time for a little “H.I.I.T.” training.  You ready for it?  Let’s DO IT!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 See you soon!


Image may contain: one or more people and text

Image may contain: one or more people

I love Transformation Tuesday!  Here’s why:  I get to showcase my CLIENT’S hard work and share with the world all the confidence they have gained.  It’s a personal journey for each individual, BUT it’s always better when traveled with a like minded on the same health and fitness journey!  This girl, this girl right here has NOT stopped living.  She has truly learned what TRUE lifestyle change is.  I don’t teach deprivation, I teach moderation.  Check it out in her words:


I made it! Clean eating + portion control + hydration = 15 pounds lost!!! I’m down a pants size and am sleeping better than I have in years. On Wednesday I’m leaving for a 3 week vacation to Ireland and I’ll be taking a break from logging food. I’m confident that with the skills I learned here that I can get back into clean eating and will melt away any pounds gained on the trip. My 12 month goal is to lose the remaining 5 lbs to my goal weight.

My biggest non scale win is knowing I can rebound quickly from slips, and just knowing how to lose weight.  Thanks everyone for the support, and good luck with your journeys!!

Those who Spin together stay together!  You gonna come to Group Cycle today?  I’ll make it worth your while!  See you soon:  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio!

If you haven’t heard….I’m challenging you to do 100 push ups in 100 days!  Yup—challenge ON.  So, I thought I’d better at least show you what a perfect push up looks like and what the modifications are so you have NO excuses NOT to participate!

In a nutshell:

  • Don’t let your shoulder blades wing (stay strong in the plank position, meaning shoulder blades tucked in tight, don’t sag into them)
  • Belly button pulled in toward the back of the spine
  • Keep body flat as a board
  • No butts in the air
  • No bellies sagging to the ground
  • No arching the low back
  • Bend elbows to a 90 degree 
  • Modify on your knees or against a coffee table or wall

Here’s to DAY 3 of the push up challenge!  If you want your very own spreadsheet to keep track of what day you’re on, email me at:  anneliesetrainer2@gmail.com


Motivational Quotes Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you.

I like to tell people I was a stay at home mom, but my kids were raised in a day care….  a GYM daycare!  They truly didn’t know anything BUT going to the gym since they were VERY young.  They have been in MANY gyms in fact.  I tried counting how many I’ve worked at in my 28 years of training and came up with 7 different gym daycares to be exact!  WOW!  That’s a LOT!  Was it a ton of work getting them ready in the morning AND me, just to go workout for an hour or hour and a half depending on what I was doing….HELL YAH!  Was it literally a pain in the butt, diaper bags, gym bags, change of clothing for ALL of us…YES!  Did it take half of the day with crying, arguing, fussing…OH LORD absolutely!  But was it worth it?  100% a resounding yes! 

Here we are (my daughter and I) next to my son’s truck with his license plate that says GAINSSS.  All those years dragging them to the gym has paid off in many ways.  They have always known the importance of working out and now do it themselves on a daily basis.  Your children really DO pay attention to what you do and say.  They may not like it at the time….but when you see your adult children modeling what you taught them, it sure is an amazing feeling.  It’s all about the GAINS people!  Go get some!

Who’s ready to get the BOOT(y) worked in  BOOT CAMP!  Let’s knock some junk out of the trunk today!  You ready for some good old fashioned TABATA?  WOOP!  See you soon, Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio!

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