Well, for those of you following me…you know the 5 day challenge ends today and can you tell who is MOST happy?  ha ha  Sugar addiction is real my friends.  It’s more addicting that crack cocaine.  It is the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, inflammation and the list goes on and on.  Soooo….we did a 5 day detox.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy those first 3 days…but then the fog lifted, the headaches went away energy returned and brought with it GREAT clarity.  Tired of living in a brain fog?  Want to be enlightened?





So DAMN proud of this girl right here!  She had a surgery DURING her 90 day transformation and was able to continue her weight loss and stay on track because of all the tools she learned during her journey!  Congrats my friend–you earned it!

I had my last check-in with Anneliese Swingle this morning!! My 90 days is up and I’m down 11.4 lbs…the kicker is that 11 of those pounds are FAT!!! I lost 4.1% of my body fat as well. I think I would have had better results, but I’m still EXCITED as I’m 6 days post-op and still swollen. 
I am so appreciative for this program and everything I have learned! Good luck ladies and stick with it because it WORKS!!!

It’s going to be a GGGGGREAT day in Spinning today.  LOTS of bikes now, so no excuses!  Come and hang out in the Octane Studio and peddle your pains away.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50!


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Who’s ready to jump into 2019?  I mean REALLY ready to make some life long changes, not those quick fix crash diet changes that never work.  You might lose the weight fast…but do you ever keep it off long term?  Do you understand how food works with YOUR body? Are you ready to learn about: 

  • reactive foods
  • hormonal disruption
  • detoxing your mind AND your body
  • food testing
  • long term weight loss
  • eating real food

Then it’s time you checked out my 90 Day Enlightenment Program.  Get the blueprint that will transform your life!  Message me for more info and HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!


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Don’t wait for the new year to get here!!  If you’re ready to transform your life DO IT!  Time is always of the essence, so why wait?  Butterflys sure don’t.  I LOVE the transformation of the butterfly.  They have so much to overcome.  They start out ugly, creepy, crawly and transform into something beautiful, magnificent, spectacular and then they SORE!  I get to witness that every time my client has a transformation.  Just makes my HEART happy!  You ready to transform??