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Are you ready to get back into a “CORE” routine?  This might be exactly what you’re looking for!  We’re offering a FREE 5 day challenge kicking off September 23. This challenge will be held online in our private FB group Fit Force.  

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Let Nancy take you through a whole new Bootcamp workout.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 

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Brace yourself….Thankful  Tearful Thursday post!  

There are days where it’s just plain hard to be grateful for anything.  We are SO affected by all the things that happen to us externally that we react out of fear, anger, stress, hate, exhaustion you name it.  Sometimes it hard to squeeze everything into a day so we eat crap, stay up too late, drink our sorrows away only to repeat it the next day.  

I can say all of this because I used to do it.  Sure I still worked out, but had plenty of other self destructive behaviors that kept me stuck in the revolving door of  insanity.  Fitness was my way of coping with all the other craziness going on in my head.  It’s pretty hard to run and cry at the same time. But I DID it!  Crying during my runs was my prayer life.  It brought such clarity in an inexplicable way.  I’m thankful I was able to “let it all out” during those runs so I could be the mom, sister, friend I needed to be when it ended.  

I’m SO THANKFUL that I had fitness in my life to help me cope. Fitness has allowed me freedom I could have never imagined.  Was it easy to get it?  Umm…..I guess it depends on your definition of easy.  I personally like breathing so hard that I can’t think of anything else except getting through it.  THAT’S what the game changer was for me.  So, I say DO SOMETHING SO HARD you can’t THINK of anything else but getting through it.  

What’s your coping mechanism??

Power Strength is coming your way today!  Whether you like it or not, it’s time to PUMP YOU UP!  See you soon.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

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!! Do you feel like you’re holding the weight of the world in your hands? 

!! Does it seem like the world will crumble if you’re not taking care of EVERYTHING?

!!  Is everyone else a priority?  

!!  Is there NEVER enough time in the day?

!!  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, exhausted, run down and depleted?  

!!  Do you want to run away?

I get it!  I was YOU!  When does it turn around and become YOUR turn?

When you say YES to YOU!!!

**Accepting applications to TURN IT AROUND!   If it’s YOUR turn and YOU’RE ready…. apply for the 12 week Enlightenment Transformation Program.  Slots are filling up!  Deadline to apply is TOMORROW (Saturday July 27th. 12:00 pm MST)**

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You can have ANYTHING you put your mind to.  What you think, you become.  You are what you believe.  Ever heard these sayings before?  Do you find yourself  “trying” to be positive, but the negative creeps in and takes over.  

Self sabotage is one of the biggest weight loss pitfalls out there.  We’ve all experienced it.  We’ve all done it a time or to and continue to do it over and over…..WHY??

This is just one of the many mindset topics we tackle in the 12 week transformation program.  Mindset is CRUCIAL to weight loss.  If you don’t have your mind in the right place success won’t find you.  Believing that you CAN succeed and HOPING you can succeed are two opposing thoughts.  One always trumps the other.  Do you know which one it is?  

If you NEED help transforming your mind and FREEING yourself from self sabotage…the 12 week transformation program could be what you’re looking for.  Are you ready to be free?

**Accepting applications right now for the next launch of  the 12 week Enlightenment transformation program.  Launch date is July 29th, so get your application in NOW!!**


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Got Basil?  Basil is AMAZING stuff.  Not only is it fragrant it’s one of the most versatile herbs out there.  You can cook with it, eat it fresh, muddle it or use the oil from it.  But MAYBE you didn’t some of the amazing health benefits of Basil.

  • Basil is a good source of magnesium
  • Basil promotes blood flow
  • Basil is a good source of Vitamin A
  • Basil promotes healthy eyesight, and because of eugenol (a major component of the oil produced by basil’s leaves) it has also been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory in the same vein as aspirin and ibuprofen.

The farmers market is a GREAT source to fresh Basil!  Go grab yours

Taking applications for the 12 week Enlightenment transformation program.  Kick off is July 29th!  Apply now to get your slot.  **Space is limited!**


Power Strength in the Octane Studio is happening today with a little “twist”.  Come and get your TWIST fix!  12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness

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 Transformation isn’t hard, stagnation is hard. 

 I used to think changing my lifestyle was too hard so it was easier stay the same. But what I found was being unhappy was harder than changing. 

Once I got over “myself”  and realized just how unhappy I was, and unhealthy,  I knew it was time to make a change.  My self -destructive behavior had to come to an end.  

So I made it happen. 

 I took one baby step at a time.  As I started to see my body change I became happier and that was extremely motivating. Motivation to see MORE change can take a person a very long way.

Truly, that 1st step was  the hardest, admitting I needed help and then asking for help. I am so glad I did. Hiring a coach was the smartest thing I ever did for myself. 

Turns out it really wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be.  It literally was all in my mind…. what I had created.  

Whew! I’m glad my unhappiness was my motivator to change. 

  • What’s yours?


Power strength today!! Show up and see what goodies lie ahead.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 

Take the leap and the net will appear….

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So I did a thing this weekend…. and let me tell you…. it was TRANSFORMING!!

I got TRX certified in Missoula.  This certification started at 9 a.m. and finished up at 6 PM. I Hope to be able to walk again and pick up a fork by tomorrow.  No,  in all seriousness,  it was a great experience and education. Super thrilled to be able to integrate TRX into my yearning and teach classes at Fuel. So,  stay tuned!!

It’s GROUP CYCLE day!! Come to the Octane studio and check out what my guest instructor had in store for you! 12:10 Fuel Fitness!

To cycle or not to cycle…. that’s the question

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I love Transformation Tuesday!  Here’s why:  I get to showcase my CLIENT’S hard work and share with the world all the confidence they have gained.  It’s a personal journey for each individual, BUT it’s always better when traveled with a like minded on the same health and fitness journey!  This girl, this girl right here has NOT stopped living.  She has truly learned what TRUE lifestyle change is.  I don’t teach deprivation, I teach moderation.  Check it out in her words:


I made it! Clean eating + portion control + hydration = 15 pounds lost!!! I’m down a pants size and am sleeping better than I have in years. On Wednesday I’m leaving for a 3 week vacation to Ireland and I’ll be taking a break from logging food. I’m confident that with the skills I learned here that I can get back into clean eating and will melt away any pounds gained on the trip. My 12 month goal is to lose the remaining 5 lbs to my goal weight.

My biggest non scale win is knowing I can rebound quickly from slips, and just knowing how to lose weight.  Thanks everyone for the support, and good luck with your journeys!!

Those who Spin together stay together!  You gonna come to Group Cycle today?  I’ll make it worth your while!  See you soon:  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio!

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Arielle’s results you guys….are just….well UNBELIEVABLE!  It’s all about STRATEGY – MINDSET – and ACCOUNTABILITY!!  When you have a plan and you work the plan this is what happens.  When you’re done trying to do it on your own and you ASK for help AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN!  I’m so blessed and honored she asked ME for help!!!  In her words:  

12 week results:
35 pounds lost!
32.2 of those pounds were FAT!
31.75 inches lost!

Alright tribe here it is: I’m so nervous to post these pictures, but also excited. I walked into this journey with tears and I’m ending these 90 days with tears. They both mean something different. The tears in the beginning were fear. The tears now are happiness and pride!

When Anneliese and I had my interview call I left the call frustrated and full of fear. When she asked how ready I was to start, I have her my honesty and said I was an 8, because I was scared of failing and scared of the after 90 days. She told me I wasn’t ready. We decided to sleep on it and talk the next day. I was flooded with emotions, i felt rejected, and didn’t sleep. We visited the next day and after we both had time to think she invited me into the program.

I was ready for change!

Through this program I have had so many non scale wins!

Things I wanted to achieve:
A healthy LIFESTYLE, not just diet.
Weight loss.
Gaining my confidence back.
Healthy foods to cook and enjoy.
Becoming more fit.
Being my happy self again, that doesn’t worry about what others think.


I also noticed:
More consistent sleep.
Less cravings, I don’t reel deprived. 
I don’t hit a wall in the mid afternoon. 
I don’t have to take Sunday naps.
My headaches around my cycle are almost gone. 
My self esteem and confidence is back (my husband even noticed this one).
I’m comfortable in my clothes.
My skin is clear and less dry.
My body aches are almost none.
My inflammation in my wrists and ankles are gone.

I’m speechless! I love myself again. For so long I put myself on the back burner. Through this I have learned that it is okay, and my family supports me when I make myself a priority. My attitude has changed, I’m happier, rather then having inconsistent mood changes. I let things go a lot easier and I don’t dwell in them. I feel amazing!

My next chapter is to lose another 10 lbs, and continue to tone my body. I have a tribe set in place and will and also be in the fit force group. I will miss you all dearly and can’t wait to hear your success. I thank you all so much for the love and support you have given me through my journey. I have built lasting friendship and a tribe!

Thank you Anneliese for believing in me and for all the knowledge you have shared. I am forever grateful!

*side note* in my pictures I chose to not tuck my mid section in my underwear. I wanted to see the changes without hiding anything.

Group Cycle is gonna be FIRE!  You coming?  Octane Studio at Fuel Fitness 12;10 – 12:50 Bring a friend day!
  Let’s PLAY!!!

I couldn’t be MORE excited to welcome these AMAZING ladies into my 12 week Enlightened Transformation program:  Amanda, Andrea, Cyndee, Doris, Ginger and Melissa!  The Spring Fever 5 day challenge was EXHILARATING  last week and truly went by so fast!  I’m thrilled to be able to serve these women and my Queens are equally excited to have them on board to support them on their journey as well.  Thank you to all who participated in the challenge and filled out the survey!  Truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful human beings!  Love to ALL! WOW!  

It is a great day to start something big

So excited to share Elana’s results from the 90 Day Enlightenment program.  Sometimes when you’ve tried every diet in the book, every exercise from Pinterest and going it on your own without any success–it’s time to reach out for help!!  I love her transformation and am so proud of her I just had to share:  

90 Day Testimonial:
I joined Anneliese Swingle’s 90 day enlightened group to make some positive changes in my life, health, mentality and body. My goal was to lose 25 pounds and feel better about myself. As of today, I have lost 19.5 pounds and 16.5 inches overall. Along the way I joined the gym, learned a lot about making healthy food choices, eating enough food with a balance of fat, protein and carbs, reading food labels, THINKING differently about food, and the importance of adding strength training to my workout and not just doing cardio all the time. 
Non-scale wins include no sugar or caffeine for this whole time AND not missing either one! The importance of mindful meditation-thinking differently about food and what goals I want to reach and how I feel about myself.
Several times in the program my weight loss stalled or plateaued but Anneliese always had a word of encouragement and a fix…every time! 
My journey is not over, I INTEND to lose the last 5.5 pounds, keep working out and put everything I have learned in the last 90 days into practice. 
Thank you Anneliese and the whole Enlightened Group for helping me succeed on this program…I appreciate you all!

Group Cycle is gonna happen today in the Octane Studio.  Bring a friend if you’d like.  But either way, there will be sweat, hard work and happiness.  You’ll be SO glad you came.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

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Have you ever wanted something so bad you could almost taste it?  Something so close, but yet so far.  So far it seems utterly impossible to reach it?  Like your goals?  You can see them, you visualize them, you dream about them, but they seem SO unattainable.  But are they?  Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Do I have a game plan, a strategy to follow?
  2. Do I have a nutrition plan to follow?
  3. Do I have any accountability or support system in my life?

If you answered no to ANY of these questions then your goal MAY seem impossible to reach.  You see, without these things in place–goals remain out of reach.  They remain in the background hanging out as a wish, or a dream.  Don’t let your goals remain out of reach.  All you might need is someone to open the door….Cheers to transforming!!   https://workoutguru.wufoo.com/forms/help-me-get-to-know-you/

if you change nothing, nothing will change. This could apply to many areas of our lives. Great motivation for weight loss! #weightlossquotes


Have you ever wanted something so bad you were willing to do whatever it took to get it?  I remember when I had to get a new car…like my old one was on it’s last legs.  I was willing to give my first born (kidding Austin) instead I sold my dad’s coin collection.  Yes, that was tough, but I had to get REALLY resourceful, because I just didn’t have the extra money lying around.  Was it worth it?  HECK yah.  I still have that car to this day and I love it!  Point is….sometimes you have to get resourceful to get the things you want (like a total body transformation for instance).  Will it be worth it?  HECK yah–it’s your health for pete’s sake.  Too bad we don’t value our health like we should until we don’t have it…right?  Don’t wait until it’s too late….THAT’S not worth it.  Cheers to resourcefulness.


It’s time to get your STRENGTH on!  POWER STRENGTH is on tap today in the Octane house.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 You coming?

Dangerous is being weak. So lift ------------------- Model: @vorkinky…

What can be achieved in 30 days?  Well take a look!  Meet Sandy.  She came to me looking to lose weight, get more energy, learn more about what foods to eat and here are her results:  She’s lost a total of 9 inches, and 10.6 pounds!  But more than just the inches and weight lost here are her REAL wins in her words:

 #Win. Ran 2.2 miles today with only a .2 mile rest after 15 mins. No speed records set but it’s getting better each day! I also woke up at 6am feeling AwEsOmE. I have to tell you that is very unusual for me. Before I started working with Anneliese I never wanted to jump out of bed and get my day going. So I know that changing my habits of hydration, sleep, nutrition, and exercise has totally changed my mindset!  This morning when I was running – each one of you was running beside me telling me to keep going. It was pretty awesome to consider the crowd of people cheering me on. Because without you, I know I would’ve walked a whole lot more. So thank you!!

Congrats girl!  You’ve earned EVERY bit of your success!

It’s time for some POWER STRENGTH!  You ready?  Let’s pump some weights and get the party started!  See you in the Octane Studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50.  BOOM!

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