I know MOST of you are tired of:

😞Searching for the next “best diet” that means you’ll have to RESTRICT YOURSELF from eating foods you LOVE

😞Doing an hour of cardio EVERY DAY to maintain where you are or keep progressing

😞Wanting to LIFT WEIGHTS but having NO IDEA how to start and not COMMITTING to doing it. Do you TRY and then end up back on the treadmill…every time?

😞NOT JUST wanting to “get smaller” but wanting to LOVE the skin you’re in for the way it FEELS, not the weight on the scale.

I get it. I’ve had ALL of these feelings, and I’ve discovered that the MOST EFFECTIVE scientific strategy to success is what most women AREN’T DOING.

Your fitness inspirations are not working HARDER (assuming you work hard but “can’t seem to see results”) they are working SMARTER.

If you want to:
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Sometimes you just gotta shout out:  IT WORKS!!  It really DOES work if you DO it!  I mean you have to commit!!  When you commit, things happen.  Look at Bianca’s 60 day results.  They are jaw dropping.  In her words:

60 day photo comparison! I’ve lost 13 pounds with 7 to go. I messed around a bit during my 30-60 day month and tried to introduce some foods back into my diet along with splurges. I lost the first 10 lbs by diet, and I’ll lose the second 10 by adding in heavy weight lifting. Even though I didn’t lose very much during my second month, i still lost weight, and I learned that I can go off clean eating and get back on track fairly quickly.

Congrats girl!  I can’t WAIT to see what the next 30 days bring!

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How blessed am I to be able to HELP people reach their BEST versions of themselves.  Check out my dear friend’s transformation!  I couldn’t be prouder or happier for her.  In her words:

90 day recap…, it has flown by!!!!! I am down at least 20 lbs (old scale was off, not sure how much) and the following inches: chest 3, waist 5, butt/hips 3.5, thigh 2 and calf/bicep 1

Those are just the scale wins, as you can see, things look and feel quite different!!! I have more energy, my clothes fit loosely rather than feeling stuffed into them, folks notice how much better I’m feeling and looking! It’s been a mood booster to eat better and see results, I definitely had been eating bloaty empty carbs, lots of sugar and not enough veggies at all. Now I don’t even crave chips etc like I used to and have found healthier versions of sweets if I do need a fix!

I’d say one of my biggest wins was in food and meal prep. I started my journey feeling like I was going to starve cause I didn’t have any ideas what to cook with just veggies and proteins we had for detox. Then I started trying some things and found that I was pretty good at coming up with yummy options that didn’t involve cheese/dairy and breads! I like to eat, so it has been a relief to know that I can still make good stuff without all the added ingredients and processed items! 😂

I have struggled with getting in workouts and not feeling like I’m not having time with my toddler or losing out on what little sleep I get, having said toddler. My goal for next months is to get in workouts on my days off for sure and then workout a couple other times a week.

Congrats girl!!  You’ve EARNED that transformation!  For more information on how you can transform your LIFE check out my 5 day FREE challenge starting April 8th!!  Apply here:

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Transforming isn’t always about losing weight—it’s truly about exchanging what you are doing now that’s making you feel tired, fatigued, unmotivated and unhealthy— for energy, motivation, education, accountability and TRUE health.  Amy is a perfect example of hiring a coach can do for your mind, body and SOUL!  These are her words:

What an amazing enlightenment journey! 90 days has gone by so fast and it’s only the beginning for me. My goal was to lose 10 pounds and tone up, as well as lose a size in my clothes. 
I have lost 6.2 pounds, 4 pounds of which is fat and a total of 5.5 inches. I could not be more excited! Ps down another pound today after this weigh in!
Non-scale wins: 
1. My core and overall strength has increased dramatically.
2. I have lost a size in jeans and tops.
3. I am regaining tone and clothes just feel better on!
4. I have completely changed my diet and am eating clean again.
5. I am happier and more confident.
6. I have started focusing more on my needs.
7. My mind-body connection has rekindled- I had felt lost in that aspect and due to mindfulness, gratitude, and journaling I realize the importance of this daily in my overall health.
8.  I have learned so much more about health and nutrition than I could have ever imagined in this 90 days! 

This is not the end of 90 days, for me it is the beginning of the rest of my years of being on a health and fitness path. I am so grateful and blessed to have had the most amazing coach in Anneliese and the support of the Enlightened Group. Timing is everything, and when you reach that point where you are stagnant, not making progress, or just don’t know where to start, it’s time to admit that you need a help from a power greater than you.
I am so blessed!

Just Do It, No Excuses, Take Action. Motivational quotes for Girl Bosses


I remember when I hated the way my clothes fit


when I felt insecure about how I looked in a bikini.


When I struggled to have the energy to get out of bed at the first alarm in the morning.


When I looked at people in shape and wondered if it could be me.


I used to think it would take so much energy I didn’t have.


So much time I didn’t want to spend.


So much pain I didn’t want to experience.


Yet I failed to realize how much time I was spending on trying to distract myself from my guilt and shame.

How much time I spent being unproductive because I was operating at such low energy.


How I lived a dull level of discontent all day, every day, and repeatedly felt bad about myself because of my continual failure to achieve the health and body I wanted.


…the funny thing is, it took me the same energy to be unhappy and unhealthy as it did to be happy with my body and healthy.


I just used the energy positively in a way that supported me, rather than beat myself up and stayed stuck.


Let me encourage you…it’s not harder to lose weight than it is to stay the same. It’s just different actions and feelings.


The right feelings and actions will have you feeling empowered and strong, the wrong ones will have you feeling stuck and frustrated.

I implore you…don’t get stuck (like I did), feeling it’s harder to lose weight and be happy and be unhappy.


It’s just a choice, to be trapped or be free.


So please…as if your life depended on it.

Choose freedom


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You got this

90 Days and YOU can transform your life just like Sandy did.  I highlighted her 30 day results and now I’m happy to share her 90 day final weigh in results!  Yes, it’s great to celebrate the scale wins….but her non-scale wins scream just as loud if not louder!  Congrats Sandy on your your work.  You’ve earned all the riches you deserve!!  Congrats!  In her words:

I have reached my 90 Day check-in and I did well. On December 1st I went cold turkey from all crackers, bread, pasta, cheese, and sugar (except what is in fruits and veggies). Amazingly I have not missed them and for someone whose diet consisted mainly of bread, potatoes, pasta, cheese and crackers, it was a huge step. Guess I was ready to feel better and not be running to the bathroom as soon as I was finished eating and that hasn’t happened in 3 months.

My totals for the 90 days are … 12.75″ lost, 18 lbs lost, 6.5% body fat decrease, 19.6 lbs fat mass lost, and 1.6 lbs of muscle gained. 

Proud of what I have accomplished and look forward to my next challenges of continuing to improve my health, lose more weight, build more muscle, drink more water and put all the elements of a healthy life together. I will keep pressing on! 😅

The most important part of this program has been non-scale #Wins … more energy, fewer naps due to sadness or lack of energy, feeling stronger, moving easier and climbing up and down things with comfort, not having stomach issues, feeling upbeat and motivated (most of the time), getting into a life routine that feels good, learning to say “NO” so I have time to focus on my health, and motivating others to start looking at their lifestyle and how they could make changes.


Group Cycle today in the Octane Studio and I WILL BE THERE ha!  Are you coming today?  I feel really strong—do you?  See you soon.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

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I can’t believe these results in just 30 DAYS!  Selina came to me looking to get her motivation back.  She was stuck from life throwing her a curve ball  nutritionally and physically.  She just didn’t know how to get her mojo back and as a result slowly and steadily gaining weight every year.  After joining the 90 Day Enlightenment program here are her 30 day results in her words:  

30 day testimonial

Ok ladies…. here goes! First time in my life posting pics like this, that’s how much I love Anneliese 😂 down 11.5 pounds since I started the detox, down 16 inches total body. My c section scar used to hang over and now it’s not quite so obvious. Never could have done it without this groups support. After losing my 21 year old son I was on a fast up hill weight gain, eating my emotions. Thanks to the grateful journaling I have been doing, I now see that’s what I was doing. Thank you Anneliese and gang for these last 30 days! Feeling so much better about myself! This program is a life changer! Can’t wait to see the changes in the next 30 days!!🎉

Spinning class won’t be the same if you’re not there!  You coming?  The bikes are waiting and so am I!  See you soon…Fuel Fitness Octane Studio 12:10 – 12:50

A One Hour Indoor Cycling Class Is Just 4% of Your Day... Ride Hard, Sweat, Feel The Burn!  No Excuses

UPDATE!  Remember Dorothy??  Well–she’s been in the 90 day Enlightenment program for 60 days now and what can I say except WOW!  I am so proud of her wins, not only on the scale but in her REAL LIFE.  Check it out for yourself in her words:

60 day results!! 25 lbs GONE FOREVER!!!

The photos speak for themselves, but what they don’t show is all the other positive things that have happened in my life in these short 2 months.

I am no longer having any pain in my knees or hips. I am off the medication I was taking for heartburn and acid reflux. I don’t feel bloated EVER! My stomach doesn’t feel sour and horrible in the morning. I have an excess amount of energy. I am loving my new way of eating and rarely crave the garbage I used to feed my body. AND did I say I LOST 25 LBS!!! 😊

Thank you to the amazing group of ladies who cheer me on daily and are such an inspiration to me. We are doing this together and I love you all 

I have lost:
5 inches waist
3.5 in bust
4.5 in hips  

It’s time for some SPINNING!  You ready?  The Octane Studio at Fuel fitness will be rocking it out at 12:10 – 12:50 cycling to some kick @ss music to get your sweat on to!  You coming?

Haha, pretty much :)

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Meet Rhinda! This girl right here is a WORKER!  She has taken the 90 Day Enlightenment Program and made it her b#tch!  She has worked for every pound lost and she has earned it.  It’s interesting when hormones are involved.  So many things happen in the gut and that’s going to be the next thing we tackle.  We’re gonna work on getting her gut healthy with a candida protocol.  Check out what she has to say:
Had my 60 day check in. I am down 10lbs. This puts me within 17lbs of my goal weight. It’s so close! I am proud my “back straps” have went down quite a bit! I have lost 3 inches on my waist/hips, 3 inches on my chest, 3/4 of an inch on my arms, and 1 inch off my thighs. I ordered a new set of work clothes (scrubs) and had to go down a size. That felt amazing! Talk about a non scale win! Not to forget the food cravings that are GONE! More than once in this 60 days have I walked past sweets or pizza, and it didn’t bother me. 

Where I have struggled, is my body is not wanting to let go of the weight! It is so difficult when you are doing everything right, and you just don’t see the results one would expect. Today Anneliese and I worked through my symptoms, and we are suspicious that I have a candida (yeast) overgrowth, or possibly leaky gut. We are going to try some supplements, and see if we can get things moving in the right direction. I am so thankful to have Anneliese on my side, because I am not sure I would have made it through these last couple weeks on my own and maintained the diet and workouts. Thanks to my tribe for helping me! 💜

Today is a GREAT day to Spin!  You coming?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio.  Bring a friend…they’ll thank you.

Omg, I am SOOO proud of Shelly!  She was not working out at all when she first started the program, and now she’s back in the swing of things just like a pro! She was struggling to get into a routine that worked for her, not only with her eating, but her mindset and workout routine as well!  These are her words:

#90daytestimonial. Hard to believe that my 90 day Program is complete! I am not saying over because I am on this journey for a lifetime 😁. I lost 14.4 lbs of which 8.8 of it was fat mass loss (1.2%). I lost 12 inches . I know that I could have done a little better but when I veered off I got right back on with Anneliese and tribe cheering me on. I finally got it in my head that under-eating is just as harmful as overeating and that exercise is vital too. The support and interaction from this group was so helpful, I was not alone when I struggled. I truly believe that the obstacles I encountered became my opportunities to succeed. Thank you and good luck to everyone on your journey. 

Fuel Fitness Octane Studio today presents:  SPINNING 101!  Let’s DO THIS!  Invite a friend to check it out!  We got BIKES!!  We need RIDERS!!  12:10 – 12:50 See you soon!

There is just no disputing Dorothy’s amazing results JUST in 30 short days!!  I’m SO beyond proud of her and all her work!  Check out what she has to say:

30 Day RESULTS! 
15 pounds gone FOREVER😊😊😊

I’m not the type to share photos but we’re all here for the same reason, so I thought why not!? I want you all to see my results and celebrate with me. Ever since I went through menopause, I have had the hardest time getting rid of my belly weight. I never had issues with this stubborn stuff growing up and even after having 6 kids, I was always able to get my flat tummy back into shape in a short amount of time. I have had terrible gut issues including bloating and cramps for several years. With the exception of last weekend when I ate something that caused severe cramps and bloating, I have enjoyed NO problems in the past month. I’ve had pain in my left knee and hip for over 3 yrs, both GONE!!!! Foam rolling (which I had never heard of until Anneliese Swingle introduced it to me) has been a LIFE CHANGER for me! I’m ecstatic over my 30 day results. I have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal, but I’m never turning back or quitting this new way of eating. I feel like a new woman, inside and out 😊.

Chest. -2.5 inches
Hips. -3.5 inches
Waist. -3.0 inches!!!!!!!!
Calf. -1.0 inches
Thigh. – 2.25 inches
Bicep -1.25 inches

BMI is down 2.62

And today we shall Spin together!  Fuel Fitness Octane studio 12:10 – 12:50!

A One Hour Indoor Cycling Class Is Just 4% of Your Day... Ride Hard, Sweat, Feel The Burn!  No Excuses


I am SO proud of Brandie!  She has learned so much and is the definition of an action taker.  These are her words!

Today was my 30 day check in with Anneliese Swingle and WOW I’m amazed 
I’m down 11.8 lbs 8.6 lbs was fat mass and a total 5 1/2 inch’s lost! If we are going to get real here I have to say Anneliese was a God send to me.   Before starting this journey I was in a dark, weird funk I’ve never been in before.  I’ve always been a happy, laughing, very social person and I lost that and I feel it coming back 😭 my kids even mentioned I’m not so crabby any more I’m more fun like I used to be!  That hit home big time… it’s amazing what sugar and weight gain etc can do to you not only physically but inside and mentally it has only been 4 weeks and I feel AMAZING and to mention I was having PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions of your heart) I was seeing a heart Dr. and I was going to have to get a heart ablation but they came back B9 so she didn’t want to do it.  I was pretty much told I  would have to just live with it.  If you have not had them it’s the worst!!   I felt like I was dying everyday, it was awful BUT I have not had one PVC since eating clean 😱 thank you thank you Thank you Anneliese and this tribe I have learned so much and I will be forever grateful for this❤️❤️❤️


Group Cycle is on tap today!!  Get your Christmas cycle on—last on before the big day!  You coming? Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio!  We have 2 more bikes now!!  YAY!!! Let’s DO THIS!!  


N O T E  T O  S E L F