Does weight loss seem like an uphill battle?  Like everything you’ve tried just doesn’t work.  You have the perfect plan, it works for awhile, then you stall–get frustrated and then quit.  Or maybe you’ve tried every diet out there and nothing seems to work  so you give up.  How about, you work out like a fiend, eat right do all the “right things” and STILL can’t shake the weight?  You’ve given up carbs, you’ve given up sugar, you’ve starved yourself and NOTHING.  Do you feel like it’s a losing battle, so it’s easier to just quit fighting?  

If it’s EXHAUSTING being exhausted quit fighting and join the tribe!  The transformation tribe!  I’m looking for 4 amazing women who are ready to WIN the battle once and for all.  

If you’re ready,  I have 4 slots available in my Enlightened Transformation program!  Hit me up and let’s see if my program JUST might be the answer you’ve been looking for.  

It’s NOT a diet

It’s not a supplement program

It’s based on REAL food and what works for YOU!

Comment below: I want to apply!

Your body AND mind will thank you…

It’s a BOOT CAMP day at Fuel Fitness.  We’ll be doing HIGH 5’s today outside on the lawn.  Bring WATER, sunscreen, a hat, lip balm and your able body.  We’re gonna sweat out some toxins and have fun while doing it!  You coming?  12:10 – 12:50

Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse

This girl….THIS one right here, I can’t say enough about.  I love when people FINALLY decide it’s the RIGHT time for them to change because they’ve tried everything else, they’ve watched other transformations, they are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of nothing working.  Her story says it all!  Congrats Tracy! I just couldn’t be happier for you saying YES to YOU!  MMMWAH!

Today marks the end of my Enlightened journey. Reflecting back to the beginning, I was in a state of frustration. I tried many different eating plans including WW, South Beach, low fat, low carb, macro counting, etc. While I experienced results the first couple of weeks, I quickly plateaued and none of the programs resulted in the lifestyle change I was searching for. I was diligent at working out as long as I had a plan, but my favorite free workout app suddenly removed their plans (3 to 6 week full exercise programs) and went with collections (still a great resource but it no longer provided me with a structured scheduled plan). I never was much for drinking plain water (so I was dehydrated), I was under eating, and I took a maintenance medication for GERD. I had been following Anneliese on social media and one of her Transformation Tuesdays encouraged me to reach out. Anneliese and I talked and decided I would be a good fit for her program. We set my goal, she recommended shooting for 10 pounds and I told her I wanted to target losing 10% of my weight.

Fast forward to today, I have transformed. Completely transformed. Not just my body, but my mind, my heart, my lifestyle. I eat REAL food and I love it! I eat more calories than I have on any other “diet”. I very rarely experience GERD and I no longer take the maintenance medications. I have received many compliments on my complexion and that I look “happy and healthy”.

In addition to these non-scale wins, I exceeded my 10% goal by nearly 3%. I’ve lost 19 pounds, 3 inches from my chest, 5.5 inches from my waist, 3 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my thighs, half an inch from my calves, and 1.5 inches from my arms.

I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained from Anneliese. She never hesitated once to help me when I was struggling and she helped me break through challenges. I am also extremely thankful for the support from my family, friends, and the other program participants. It’s important to have support and encouragement to be successful.

I am sad that the Enlightenment journey has come to an end, but I am confident that I will sustain this lifestyle change. And, I will continue on in the Energized Workout group and Fit Force. Many thanks and love to you all!

Group CYCLE today in the Octane studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 WHO’S COMING?


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If you know ANYTHING about me, you know by now I love to SHARE my client’s  amazing transformations.  It’s really NOT just about losing weight.  It’s about changing your LIFE!  It’s all the stuff we really don’t think too much about until we get to experience it.  Check out Maria’s transformation!

#12week Transformation: Remember how your sweet mom or grandma told you that pretty is on the INSIDE? Well, that is the actual story of my 12 week transformation.

I came to this program because I was frustrated that I could not get below my weight set point. I have done intermittent fasting for many weeks, and tried a diet so low in carbohydrates I hadn’t even eaten fruit in months.

I had also recently ended the longest friendship of my life, too painful to even talk about now because it had slowly gotten so toxic & negative.

Pretty soon, after joining, my non-scale wins started piling up: 1. Never day-tired 2. Never eating take-out 3. Clearer skin 4. Body confidence (fun in any relationship! – ha) 5. I finally made a couple of actual friends who encouraged me (hug you, Samantha 🌹). 6. My husband totally got on board to help and encourage 7. My tight pants started falling off. And
8. Something in my heart CHANGED.
Once I started feeding nothing but positive things into my life, my outlook changed. This is YOU, my tribe.

And for the numbers, they’re awesome too: 10 lbs lost
14 inches GONE

I could not be happier for Maria!  She CONQUERED and overcame  her weight plateau!  Congrats Maria!

I love Samantha’s story.  Her story resonates with SO many people including me!  I love that she is so willing to share and so honored that she believed in herself enough to invest in her health!  I’ve known Samantha for over 15 years.  We worked together years ago when I was still training at LFC (Life Fitness Center) here in Helena and I can honestly say her transformation is hands down better than when she worked with me in person!  Take a listen.  If this speaks to you please comment….share your thoughts.

  Printable Rose Gold & Marble Wall Art, You Get What You Work For Not What You Wish For, Inspiring Mo

Hey guys!  Meet Jana–she’s my next amazing transformation babe!  I’m so proud of her, but it’s not because of all her scale wins, her non-scale wins are MIND  BLOWING!!  Don’t take my word for it though…here are HER words:

#12weekTestimonial. Today marks the end of my 12 weeks in Enlightened Group. While I’m sad that it’s ending I’m also excited to see how well I can manage on my own. But before I go any further, let me tell you a little about myself 3 months ago.

I was unable to stand or walk for more than a minute or two without massive pain in my hips and lower back. Going to Costco was sheer torture. I’ve tried x-Ray’s, MRIs, chiropractors, orthopaedic doctors, cortisone shots, massage, acupuncture, pain meds…I even quit a very lucrative but stressful job that I had been at for 16 years at the recommendation of my doctors. I was that desperate. NOTHING was helping, and I’ve spent a fortune over the past 10 years trying to find a fix. Add to that the daily achiness of a fibromyalgia diagnosis and, as you can imagine, I was absolutely exhausted and felt extremely defeated. I would often come home from work, eat something unhealthy like tortilla chips with hummus & half a bottle of red wine and a couple muscle relaxers to help me sleep (self medicating) and go to bed. It was a very miserable existence and I felt like my life was passing me by. I was so depressed. I was also gaining weight at a rapid pace due to my unhealthy, inactive lifestyle. I am 5’3 and had never weighed more than 107 lbs. in my entire life. Suddenly I was craving foods I’d never been interested in before: pasta, wine, bread, pastries, cereal, LOTS of carbs & starches. My metabolism came to a screeching halt. In 9 years I gained about 60 lbs.

I knew in my heart that if only I could exercise I would begin to feel SO much better. But everything I tried hurt, so I gave up. I injured my back the first day I went to the gym for my one-week trial because I had no one to guide me or teach me what I should or shouldn’t do. So there went another year while I recovered from yet another injury.

I have lost 12 lbs. over the past 3 months. It’s not a huge drop but my nonscale victories have absolutely CHANGED MY LIFE. Here is a list:

Getting completely off my heartburn & blood pressure medications!

My skin is so much less dry from the increase in my daily water intake! I really notice on days I don’t carry a water bottle with me how much better I feel when I hydrate.

I am able to exercise with NO pain in my hips & lower back! Anneliese provided corrective exercises and taught me how to use my foam roller in new ways which really dig into my pain and over time, very slowly, I have been able to start walking again. Running errands and doing household chores is no longer painful. LIFE ALTERING!!

I was once so confused by all the diets and exercises advertised on social media. I had no clue which of them were right for me or why. It was so intimidating! Anneliese had ideas throughout the entire 12 weeks about foods, exercises, supplements, etc. and every single thing she suggested was spot on! Every recommendation she made was based on my needs as an individual, this is NOT a one size fits all program!

My energy level is 100x better than it has been in years. I get up with my alarm and never feel groggy or lethargic. I sleep hard and wake up feeling rested. I no longer sleep away the weekend!

MY TRIBE!!! There just aren’t words to accurately express how much your encouragement, support, laughter, tears, friendship have meant to me!! I feel like I won the lottery and my heart is so full of love, respect and admiration for all of you. I’m forever grateful that our paths have crossed!

And to you, Anneliese Swingle, THANK YOU for giving me my life back. For believing in me and helping me to believe in myself again. For reminding me that I matter, and that it’s up to me to make the changes I want to see in myself. There is no quick fix, it takes hard work, consistency and determination, but I am capable of reaching my goals.   

It’s Spin Day Tuesday!  You coming to pedal away your woes?  Let’s DO IT!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio!  WOOT!

Indoor Cycling and Spinning Class Motivation: Be Different - Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas and Music Mixes. #spin class #spinning #indoorcycling #motivation

You guys!!!  CHECK THIS OUT!!  I mean SERIOUSLY!  Raylene has worked her TAIL off to get these results and NEVER felt hungry doing it.  She never felt deprived, or cheated.  Not only can you SEE her scale wins, but wait until you READ her non-scale wins.  INCREDIBLE!!  If she can do it, ANYONE can!!  Congrats girl for your hard work and sharing your transformation story.  These are her words:


Scale win: I have lost 38 pounds which is more than I had set out to do and a total of 18.25 inches. My BMI went from 33.7 to 26.81. I still have about 15 to 20 pounds left to lose and WILL lose it!!
Non-scale wins: I am sleeping much better at night and feel rested in the morning. No longer taking 2 hour naps several times a day. My energy is through the roof and have been able to get many things done in my house and have started on the yard work. I am no longer having to check blood sugars as these have normalized along with my blood pressure normalizing. I will be seeing my physician in a month and plan to discuss getting rid of some of my medications. I have already stopped a few medications and decreased dosages on others. My clothes basically are hanging off of me but do not plan to purchase anything new just yet. I am receiving numerous compliments from various people about how good I look. My relationships with people have turned to the positive and are happy moments spent with all. I have gained my self confidence back and no longer hide myself from the public. I go out in public with my head held high and love it. It feels so good to get out and about again. I feel absolutely amazing and feel like I have “my” life back. I can look at myself in the mirror and smile now because I love what I am seeing. I have gained many friendships in this tribe and obtained a ton of knowledge from each and everyone of you. I am forever grateful for all of you who have helped sculpt me into who I am today. I have meaning and purpose now. I will never turn back to a destructive lifestyle I was living and have many plans for my future now. I will never be able to thank all of you and Anneliese enough for giving me my life back. I am forever grateful. I will be going on into the future on my own but will be present in FIT FORCE. I now have a new outlook on life and a whole new lifestyle of health and fitness. I have learned to enjoy cooking again and learning so many new, healthy recipes. You all are amazing and wish you all continued success!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😘😘💋💋💋💋

Group Cycle is happening TODAY in the Octane Studio whether you want it to or not!  You coming anyway?  It’s gonna be GREAT fun!!  OH, and I’ll be teaching Cycle for Nikki tomorrow (Wednesday 5:30) if you want to come then too!   See you soon….

Indoor Cycling and Spinning Class Motivation: Be Different - Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas and Music Mixes. #spin class #spinning #indoorcycling #motivation

Are you stuck? 

You’ve been working on that summer body dieting since January— you’ve been on a roll, the weight has been coming off until now and you’re plateaued BUT you haven’t met your goal yet.  You can’t get past it.  No matter what you do with your diet you are plateaued!  You just feel STUCK!


Maybe you’re stuck and you never really got started?  You’re paralyzed and have no idea where to begin so you do nothing….you start out great at breakfast and lunch and then just plummet at dinner because you’re starving, so you snack while you cook, then eat dinner and munch on popcorn or chocolate or anything to keep you emotionally fed, go to bed and do it all again the next day.  It’s a vicious cycle you can’t get out of.    You just feel STUCK!


You’ve been working out religiously, you eat clean, you do everything right and the scale just won’t budge.  Nothing is changing, so you cut back on calories and increase your workout time and intensity and no matter what you do nothing changes.  You just feel STUCK! 

Which one are you?

I have FIVE slots open in my 12 week Enlightenment Transformation program and YOU might be one of the lucky ones that FINALLY get’s UNSTUCK!!  You want in?  Click the link to apply:

This is how you get unstuck: You reach. (Quote by Cheryl Strayed).

 Meet Samantha!  She is so excited to share with you her transformation from December 16th to TODAY!  She has lost 36 pounds and went from a size 14 to a size 6.  Her biggest take away from the 12 week Enlightenment transformation program?  MINDSET!!  It’s really not about what you put in your mouth as much as it is about your mindset.  Losing weight is easy–keeping if off is the hard part!

Group Cycle is FUN when it’s done in a GROUP!  You coming today?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50  See you VERY soon!


The most instant result oriented form of therapy


I know MOST of you are tired of:

😞Searching for the next “best diet” that means you’ll have to RESTRICT YOURSELF from eating foods you LOVE

😞Doing an hour of cardio EVERY DAY to maintain where you are or keep progressing

😞Wanting to LIFT WEIGHTS but having NO IDEA how to start and not COMMITTING to doing it. Do you TRY and then end up back on the treadmill…every time?

😞NOT JUST wanting to “get smaller” but wanting to LOVE the skin you’re in for the way it FEELS, not the weight on the scale.

I get it. I’ve had ALL of these feelings, and I’ve discovered that the MOST EFFECTIVE scientific strategy to success is what most women AREN’T DOING.

Your fitness inspirations are not working HARDER (assuming you work hard but “can’t seem to see results”) they are working SMARTER.

If you want to:
Spots are LIMITED, so LET’S TALK!😁


Sometimes you just gotta shout out:  IT WORKS!!  It really DOES work if you DO it!  I mean you have to commit!!  When you commit, things happen.  Look at Bianca’s 60 day results.  They are jaw dropping.  In her words:

60 day photo comparison! I’ve lost 13 pounds with 7 to go. I messed around a bit during my 30-60 day month and tried to introduce some foods back into my diet along with splurges. I lost the first 10 lbs by diet, and I’ll lose the second 10 by adding in heavy weight lifting. Even though I didn’t lose very much during my second month, i still lost weight, and I learned that I can go off clean eating and get back on track fairly quickly.

Congrats girl!  I can’t WAIT to see what the next 30 days bring!

Group Cycle is gonna be the BOMB!  You coming?  Octane studio 12:10 – 12:50 at Fuel Fitness!!

How blessed am I to be able to HELP people reach their BEST versions of themselves.  Check out my dear friend’s transformation!  I couldn’t be prouder or happier for her.  In her words:

90 day recap…, it has flown by!!!!! I am down at least 20 lbs (old scale was off, not sure how much) and the following inches: chest 3, waist 5, butt/hips 3.5, thigh 2 and calf/bicep 1

Those are just the scale wins, as you can see, things look and feel quite different!!! I have more energy, my clothes fit loosely rather than feeling stuffed into them, folks notice how much better I’m feeling and looking! It’s been a mood booster to eat better and see results, I definitely had been eating bloaty empty carbs, lots of sugar and not enough veggies at all. Now I don’t even crave chips etc like I used to and have found healthier versions of sweets if I do need a fix!

I’d say one of my biggest wins was in food and meal prep. I started my journey feeling like I was going to starve cause I didn’t have any ideas what to cook with just veggies and proteins we had for detox. Then I started trying some things and found that I was pretty good at coming up with yummy options that didn’t involve cheese/dairy and breads! I like to eat, so it has been a relief to know that I can still make good stuff without all the added ingredients and processed items! 😂

I have struggled with getting in workouts and not feeling like I’m not having time with my toddler or losing out on what little sleep I get, having said toddler. My goal for next months is to get in workouts on my days off for sure and then workout a couple other times a week.

Congrats girl!!  You’ve EARNED that transformation!  For more information on how you can transform your LIFE check out my 5 day FREE challenge starting April 8th!!  Apply here:

Spinning is gonna happen TODAY at Fuel Fitness in the Octane Studio at 12:10 – 12:50 you coming?

Indoor Cycling and Spinning Class Motivation: Be Different - Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas and Music Mixes. #spin class #spinning #indoorcycling #motivation


Transforming isn’t always about losing weight—it’s truly about exchanging what you are doing now that’s making you feel tired, fatigued, unmotivated and unhealthy— for energy, motivation, education, accountability and TRUE health.  Amy is a perfect example of hiring a coach can do for your mind, body and SOUL!  These are her words:

What an amazing enlightenment journey! 90 days has gone by so fast and it’s only the beginning for me. My goal was to lose 10 pounds and tone up, as well as lose a size in my clothes. 
I have lost 6.2 pounds, 4 pounds of which is fat and a total of 5.5 inches. I could not be more excited! Ps down another pound today after this weigh in!
Non-scale wins: 
1. My core and overall strength has increased dramatically.
2. I have lost a size in jeans and tops.
3. I am regaining tone and clothes just feel better on!
4. I have completely changed my diet and am eating clean again.
5. I am happier and more confident.
6. I have started focusing more on my needs.
7. My mind-body connection has rekindled- I had felt lost in that aspect and due to mindfulness, gratitude, and journaling I realize the importance of this daily in my overall health.
8.  I have learned so much more about health and nutrition than I could have ever imagined in this 90 days! 

This is not the end of 90 days, for me it is the beginning of the rest of my years of being on a health and fitness path. I am so grateful and blessed to have had the most amazing coach in Anneliese and the support of the Enlightened Group. Timing is everything, and when you reach that point where you are stagnant, not making progress, or just don’t know where to start, it’s time to admit that you need a help from a power greater than you.
I am so blessed!

Just Do It, No Excuses, Take Action. Motivational quotes for Girl Bosses


I remember when I hated the way my clothes fit


when I felt insecure about how I looked in a bikini.


When I struggled to have the energy to get out of bed at the first alarm in the morning.


When I looked at people in shape and wondered if it could be me.


I used to think it would take so much energy I didn’t have.


So much time I didn’t want to spend.


So much pain I didn’t want to experience.


Yet I failed to realize how much time I was spending on trying to distract myself from my guilt and shame.

How much time I spent being unproductive because I was operating at such low energy.


How I lived a dull level of discontent all day, every day, and repeatedly felt bad about myself because of my continual failure to achieve the health and body I wanted.


…the funny thing is, it took me the same energy to be unhappy and unhealthy as it did to be happy with my body and healthy.


I just used the energy positively in a way that supported me, rather than beat myself up and stayed stuck.


Let me encourage you…it’s not harder to lose weight than it is to stay the same. It’s just different actions and feelings.


The right feelings and actions will have you feeling empowered and strong, the wrong ones will have you feeling stuck and frustrated.

I implore you…don’t get stuck (like I did), feeling it’s harder to lose weight and be happy and be unhappy.


It’s just a choice, to be trapped or be free.


So please…as if your life depended on it.

Choose freedom


It Thursday and you know what THAT means….POWER STRENGTH!!  Who’s up for some?  Come and join me in the Octane Studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50!  See you soon…

You got this

90 Days and YOU can transform your life just like Sandy did.  I highlighted her 30 day results and now I’m happy to share her 90 day final weigh in results!  Yes, it’s great to celebrate the scale wins….but her non-scale wins scream just as loud if not louder!  Congrats Sandy on your your work.  You’ve earned all the riches you deserve!!  Congrats!  In her words:

I have reached my 90 Day check-in and I did well. On December 1st I went cold turkey from all crackers, bread, pasta, cheese, and sugar (except what is in fruits and veggies). Amazingly I have not missed them and for someone whose diet consisted mainly of bread, potatoes, pasta, cheese and crackers, it was a huge step. Guess I was ready to feel better and not be running to the bathroom as soon as I was finished eating and that hasn’t happened in 3 months.

My totals for the 90 days are … 12.75″ lost, 18 lbs lost, 6.5% body fat decrease, 19.6 lbs fat mass lost, and 1.6 lbs of muscle gained. 

Proud of what I have accomplished and look forward to my next challenges of continuing to improve my health, lose more weight, build more muscle, drink more water and put all the elements of a healthy life together. I will keep pressing on! 😅

The most important part of this program has been non-scale #Wins … more energy, fewer naps due to sadness or lack of energy, feeling stronger, moving easier and climbing up and down things with comfort, not having stomach issues, feeling upbeat and motivated (most of the time), getting into a life routine that feels good, learning to say “NO” so I have time to focus on my health, and motivating others to start looking at their lifestyle and how they could make changes.


Group Cycle today in the Octane Studio and I WILL BE THERE ha!  Are you coming today?  I feel really strong—do you?  See you soon.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

Spin it all out #MotivationMonday #indurocycling

I can’t believe these results in just 30 DAYS!  Selina came to me looking to get her motivation back.  She was stuck from life throwing her a curve ball  nutritionally and physically.  She just didn’t know how to get her mojo back and as a result slowly and steadily gaining weight every year.  After joining the 90 Day Enlightenment program here are her 30 day results in her words:  

30 day testimonial

Ok ladies…. here goes! First time in my life posting pics like this, that’s how much I love Anneliese 😂 down 11.5 pounds since I started the detox, down 16 inches total body. My c section scar used to hang over and now it’s not quite so obvious. Never could have done it without this groups support. After losing my 21 year old son I was on a fast up hill weight gain, eating my emotions. Thanks to the grateful journaling I have been doing, I now see that’s what I was doing. Thank you Anneliese and gang for these last 30 days! Feeling so much better about myself! This program is a life changer! Can’t wait to see the changes in the next 30 days!!🎉

Spinning class won’t be the same if you’re not there!  You coming?  The bikes are waiting and so am I!  See you soon…Fuel Fitness Octane Studio 12:10 – 12:50

A One Hour Indoor Cycling Class Is Just 4% of Your Day... Ride Hard, Sweat, Feel The Burn!  No Excuses