Super bow WEEK tip #2:  GET YOUR WORKOUT IN! You know you’re probably going to be eating your cheat meal on Sunday, so you had better at least get your workout in!  Here’s GREAT one.  Super fast, super easy…well, you know what I mean!  HA!

Banana RAMa (as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes)

30 Alternating lunges

25 Air squats

20 Bicycle crunches

15 Push ups

10 Burpees

I have always been a RAMS fan. Can't wait for this new season to get under way!



Do you have a meditation station?  I mean like LITERALLY a place where you are still for at least 10 minutes a day with your thoughts?  I start my morning routine EVERY day right here at my meditation station.  I pull a card, read from my daily devotional book, write in my journal and think about my day and what I want it to look like.  Here’s what I think about and write about:

  • What I am thankful for
  • What I’m going to do today
  • What did I struggle with
  • What am I most proud of

How do I meditate?

  • I set my timer for 10 minutes
  • Listen to guided meditation from Headspace
  • Focus on my breathing
  • Calm my mind by visualizing a blank white board

Cool meditation apps:  (just to name a few)

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • 1000 guided meditations
  • The Mindfulness app
  • Mindbody
  • Buddhify
  • Insight Timer
  • Smiling Mind
  • Meditation Timer
  • Stop Breathe and Think
  • Breethe

You coming to Group Cycle today to work off some TURKEY?  I can help!!  All you gotta do is show up.  See you soon, Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

Hahaha. I just had to make this one up for my spin class! 🔥