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From The Mouths Of The Empowered:

Heidiheidi 2

I first used Anneliese’s services about 10 years ago to help me get into shape for a hip replacement surgery. I was a competitive swimmer as a kid but did not know how to work out other than swimming. I worked with Anneliese for a couple of months before the surgery. My recovery was fantastic, my surgeon attributed my quick recovery to how good of shape I was in. I had my second hip replacement 3 years ago. The surgery was scheduled very quickly. I was not in good shape and my recovery was not as good as the first. My hip replacements are Birmingham, this type of hip was designed for folks who are athletes and want to keep running. After my second hip replacement Birmingham quit making them for woman, due to issues that were happening in Australia. I started to feel guilty that I had a hip that I could do any physical activity with and was not doing anything. I know there were other woman out there who wanted to keep running but with the current hip replacements they cannot. I decided I need to get into shape and knowing I need a goal I signed up for a Spartan Race. I trained by myself for a couple of months and quickly realized that I did not really know what I was doing. I signed up with Anneliese in January with the goal of being able to compete in the Spartan Race in May. Now that my 12 weeks are up I am very confident in my ability to incorporate cardio with weight training. While training with Anneliese I signed up for her 7 day challenge. That made a huge difference in how I feel. As I have started to add foods back into the clean eating regime, I have found I have a number of food sensitivities. I have lost inches off my “momma tummy”, butt, and thighs. I have also lost 7 pounds and 4 1/2 total body inches. I am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Anneliese!

client spotllight

What did two of the mice do while the cat was away?

They trained for a half marathon of course!  Sarah and Renee took the opportunity of no training sessions in June, to lace up their running shoes and head to the streets!   With a solid cardio base and strong legs from all their hard work in sessions, the long runs easily became longer and in no time they were able to check the 13 mile practice run off their training plans!  The training went as planned and the month of June flew by!  Before long they were loading the bus at 4:30 am race day morning ready to check a goal off their lists!  Although both nervous, once the gun went off they were off and running!  The race day strategy was executed as planned and both finished the race feeling strong and accomplished.  Sarah met her goal of completing her first half marathon, and Renee set a new half marathon personal record!  We all agreed the race day ended as huge a success!!!  Here is what Renee and Sarah had to say about the training and race day experience.

What we did Right:

  1. Had an accountability buddy.  It takes a lot of motivation to stay on top of training and having someone to talk it through and do long runs with makes it easier to stay on track. And even though Anneliese was on vacation, she was always available to answer our questions and cheer us on along the way!
  2. Put a training schedule on paper.  Having a training program on paper makes it easier to stay motivated.
  3. Followed the traditional running programs and increased our mileage every week, but we didn’t skip out on our strength training workouts.  Running training is obviously important when training for a race, but the strength training days gave our running muscles a break and made us feel stronger to the finish on race day.
  4. Made our training a priority and stayed consistent.  Consistency makes a huge difference.  Sporadic training makes it feel like you are constantly starting over.
  5. Spent time training to pace ourselves.  Starting out too fast will ruin a race day experience.  We paid attention to how different paces felt and how long we could maintain those paces so we could plan a realistic race day strategy.
  6. Tried various race day foods and gels during long runs.  They say sh*t happens, but the last thing we wanted was for it to happen at mile 8 of 13.1!  We worked very hard to figure out what worked well and what didn’t during our practice runs so there were no surprises on race day.  
  7. Picked a great race route.  The Missoula Half Marathon is a great course for a first timer!  It was mostly flat with no intimidating hills or terrain.

What we would do Differently:

  1. Should’ve started out the training program with a new pair of shoes.  By the time race day arrived our shoes were worn out, and we didn’t have time to break in a new pair of shoes.  Sarah ran with new shoes, and Renee went with the old worn down shoes.  The end results of both were miserably the same.
  2. Should’ve ran all practice runs during the cool hours of the day.  Just because you can tolerate running in 95°, doesn’t mean you should make it part of your training.  I know what you are thinking…who does that?!  No one would think that is a good idea!  Well someone did, but I am not going to say who!
  3. Should’ve practiced drinking from a paper cup while running to avoid the spectacle of water up the nose, down the shirt, choking, coughing, arms flailing, almost tripping all to end up with very little water swallowed!  (Sorry Sarah!  I failed to show you the pinch and side sip!)
  4. Should’ve tried out some anti-chafing gels.  No matter what we wore during practice runs, something was always rubbing funny.  Use caution when taking your post race shower.  The water may burn in places and in a way that is unexpected and life changing.

Linda Cockhill

Last year (2016) was such a whirlwind and after volunteering to manage a private club, my diabetes and my golf swing were taking a big downfall.  My birthday was coming up early spring of 2017 and I decided I wanted to accomplish two goals:  reduce my hemoglobin A1c and drive the ball another 10-15 yards.  Anneliese was the answer.  I lost my additional 5 pounds my primary physician was recommending; and I am driving my ball another 10 to 15 yards longer.   I have also reduced my A1c to where I can manage it with the exercises I do daily.  In addition,  I have discovered that I no longer sleep with tensed muscles in my legs and arms.  I can now bend down on my knees and garden as well as clean my tile floors in both the kitchen and bathrooms without having pain in my knees.  Anneliese is a very knowledgeable and professional personal trainer.  She is fantastic and can make those dry exercises enjoyable.  Linda C


cindy    I have not been good at anything for years due to the aftermath of my divorce. The black cloud effect encompassed me resulting in poor self esteem which caused neglect to my body. Four months ago I was referred to Anneliese and the black cloud slowly dissipated. The proof is in the numbers! My weight is down 20 pounds, I lost 11.5 inches, my BMI was 39.5 and presently is 35.8, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are normal and my mindset is constantly changing for the better. I believe I can do this….no I know I can do this…and I will! She literally is the whole package. She coached me mentally, physically and dietary wise. I have learned what works for me and what does not through trial and error. Together we created a new way of life for me. Thank you for supporting me to regain self confidence and assisting me to a better version of myself!!! Anneliese is a great mentor and I highly recommend her. She is infectious and you will be motivated to achieve whatever you set your mind to.  Cindy Rouse



I was referred to Anneliese because of great pain and discomfort in my knee.  I couldn’t walk without favoring it, and I was quite limited in what I could do.  I really didn’t want to see a doctor or surgeon and I wanted to avoid any medical intervention if possible.  I am 50 years old and I suspected the pain was due to a flare up of an old skiing injury.  After 5 sessions of working with Anneliese, the pain is virtually gone and I’m back to all normal activities, including hiking, doing yard work and regularly working out.  I’m thrilled with the results.  I feel fit, healthy and strong, and I never stepped foot in a doctor’s office.  Also, during the week of my first session, Anneliese issued a 7-day diet challenge.  I took the challenge for a week, and then kept on going.  Over the summer, I went from 125 lbs to 118 lbs on my 5’4″ frame and have kept the weight off.  I wholeheartedly recommend Anneliese’s services.  Michele S

Displaying IMG_4638.JPG

I started working out with Anneliese in the fall because I wanted to learn how to start lifting and get rid of those extra pounds. We began with one session every so often, then once a week, and I found that once was just not enough so we added an extra day. I noticed that my motivation began rising when I started seeing her twice a week and that I was getting stronger than I ever thought I would be! I struggled a lot with eating since my family isn’t very supportive of healthy, clean eating but Anneliese helped me to create simple meal plans, which helped me a ton!! I lost inches all over my body, despite not eating correctly all the time, and she proved to me every session that I was getting stronger. She has taught me so much, ranging from the importance of food and workouts to life and family advice (which I would probably be lost without!) and I could never thank her fully for that. Anneliese is always there for me and I’m so unbelievably grateful for her help in all aspects and I love her to death! She is my biggest inspiration I could never give up my love for working out because of her. Words can’t begin to describe how thankful I am that she’s in my life, so I’ll have to settle for two little words: THANK YOU!


The skills and physical training that my son James was exposed to in training sessions with Anneliese has helped him immensely, and I believe will continue to well into his future. I initially sought her help, not to make James a better athlete, but to correct his gait and teach him methods to exercise correctly (to prevent injury or exacerbate an existing one) and effectively (working on the right things while making the most of his work out time).

James began meeting with Anneliese when, as parents, we noticed his gait was different from that of his peers when he ran or walked.  He resembled an old man running in cowboy boots at times so I asked Anneliese to take a closer look to see if this was correctable.  Upon evaluation, Anneliese found James had extremely tight tendons and muscles in his ankles and down the backs of his legs, back and hips. She spent five sessions showing him the proper way to stretch and work these muscle groups leading to a more powerful stride. The training sessions also strengthened the muscles in his core, thighs and shoulders.  I learned the importance of this as it would help to prevent his body’s tendency to revert to the stiff gait he had originally.

James absolutely loved his sessions with Anneliese.  Her upbeat personality and desire to help people achieve better physical and mental wellness helped James in more ways than one. According to James she makes great peppered almonds too!  James not only walks and runs better, but he is much stronger.  In fact, when he was tested in his school PE class he improved significantly on several exercise measurements!  One of the focus points for James during his sessions was to improve his hover time each week. His last session saw him achieve a 9 minute hover, which was a huge achievement!   He is now playing Lacrosse and has experienced personal success that we attribute to his time with Anneliese. As a mid-fielder on the Lacrosse team James is in constant motion, running up and down the field. These sessions have allowed him to maximize his stride and run more fluidly. Looking back, the time spent with Anneliese was excellent. Our family will use her services again and we recommend her to yours.

SarahDeciding to work with Anneliese was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being one of her youngest clients at 12, I was a little intimidated to start training with her. But after one session I realized she was there to support me and help me reach my personal fitness goals. My goals were to increase my vertical jump, strength, and wrist strength because I had injured it a year ago. Now I can do full push-ups, dips and pull-ups without any pain in my wrist. I increased my vertical by 3 inches and I’m a lot stronger than I used to be. I could see the results when I played volleyball and basketball. I was jumping higher, hitting the ball harder and I was quicker. Working with Anneliese really helped me as an athlete and a person. She was always there encouraging me to reach my potential and teaching me to push myself.  My experiences with Anneliese were great and I would definitely recommend working with her.  ~Sarah Ashley

These are my thoughts on what has been working for me and might be helpful to you!  I’ve really enjoyed the challenging sessions and encouragement from my friend and trainer Anneliese Swingle!  I have been working out with Anneliese off and on for a few years, but in the last 6 months all that I have learned has really paid off.   A year ago I had great difficulty doing the cardio workouts on the days not training with Anniliese. Even 20 minutes on a treadmill was a challenge. I thought I was eating healthy but learned more after reading Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman. I stopped eating sugar, flour, and salt. I focused on high nutritional value food for the calories eaten. With increased energy, good nutritional value food and daily exercise changed my life. Friends and family want to know how I changed my energy and body so much without looking unhealthy and sick.

Before20140728_163039   -6 months ago. I had a hard time focusing on workouts, difficulty doing 30 minutes on treadmill, I thought I was eating health and I was taking prescription drugs for serious health problems. My BMI was 41 and my waist was over 46 inches and I lacked energy for even simple tasks.

After Bob– Today I am eating nutritious food, I can do anything Anneliese plans for me, and I now average 20 miles a week in cardio and look forward to it. My BMI is 32, I am off ALL prescription drugs, lost over 50 pounds and over 16 inches, 6.5 on my waist alone. My percent of body fat is down 25 percent. My doctors tell me that I am no longer morbidly obese and am very close to the normal range for my height and weight.

What I learned for Anneliese – (my short list)

  • set realistic goals (short and long),
  • do a food and exercise journal,
  • be aware how food impacts your body (caffeine, sugar, salt),
  • you can’t out train a bad diet,
  • make sure workout shoes aren’t broken down and causing problems,
  • use the Roller to warm up and address muscle injury,
  • working your Core can make you stronger,
  • hydration is very important for exercise and weight loss,
  • you need to sweat for results,
  • shake up your routine because your body adapts,
  • competition helps you to focus (tire flip and hovers),
  • make exercise fun with friends and
  • music can really keep your energy level high during workouts.

Thanks to customized coaching by Anneliese Swingle, good nutritional food and making my health my number one priority has worked for me. I hope this will be helpful to you too. Thanks for reading.

Bob Bartholomew

February 2015

Tina I met Anneliese when I joined her Fall Peeps Kickoff Challenge to lose body fat. I had been putting off my plan for exercise and weight lose for several years, and with age 60 looming in 2015, I decided to join. I was pretty successful in that endeavor, and I was so motivated by the cheerleading support from Anneliese that I decided to continue on with her and invested in private personal training with her. I knew that while I was committed to my home workouts, I was missing big pieces and I did not really know what or how to add to my routine to have more impact. At the same time, I have difficulty with my knees and one elbow, so I was pretty timid about using weights. I am so glad I decided to do it! I learned so  much in just 5 sessions! I knew that I had to be open to being pushed and challenged. I have lost a total of almost 27 pounds, 2 pants sizes, and 21 inches!  Tina Johnson

Hey Anneliese~ I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I love your class.  I like to complain with the rest of them when I am working out and TIRED!!     But I truly love your class.  The group of people in your class is fabulous!!  They are so nice and so fun to be around.  The combination of your great personality and theirs make the class not seem like work.  I have noticed a change in me already.  My clothes fit looser and I am losing my gut.  Can’t beat that right?  My husband has noticed a change in me also and everyday I go he asks how it was.  Anything that makes my husband notice my body I love.   I do really feel stronger and it makes me feel better all day after your class.  I am also noticing that I am able to go longer on any core exercise.  I never thought I would say this but I actually really love bicycle kicks now!!  I know I am rambling on here but I really really like your class and wanted you to know!!20140804_180048

Thanks for everything you do!!  You are awesome!!

I had been dealing with a rotator cuff problem I had sustained from  using a
pole saw to cut branches. My thought was that it would repair itself over
time but after several painful months adding up to over a year, I headed to
the doc who told me that exercise would fix it. His idea of exercise was
pulling on a large rubberband in differently executed directions a couple
times a day. A few months of getting nowhere and a promise it would be great
in 6 months, I headed north, north to Anneliese at Force Fitness, the queen
of trainers I had work with years back on general weight training. I’m not
claiming to be anywhere near buff back then but I did make headway before
heartburn broke up that regimen.

She did it. With weekly visits and homework on the carpet and against the
wall, my shoulder is back in shape with full movement and no pain within her
5-week prediction. It took specifically small, focused exercises working on
more than the shoulder but the opposite hip to even out the muscles…at
least that’s what she says and who could tell her she is wrong. She even has
an idea for my heartburn now but that is a different story for later.

Tom Cordingley

Many things have changed in my life within the last 8 months. The biggest being that I have finally taken control of my body and mind! About mid-November of 2011 I had finally decided that I wanted to begin the path to a healthier lifestyle. I started my journey as a 23 year old weighing in at 187 pounds who is only 5’1”. I started reading up on what I should and shouldn’t eat and started working on my “diet”. In addition to that, I bought myself a treadmill and began “running”. Well, a month of that went by and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed and finally reached out to Anneliese Smith. She helped me immensely with changing my ways. I began sending her a log of my food intake and met with her to discuss my fitness goals. I quickly learned that my food intake was “okay” but could be improved several ways.

1.)    Increase the veggies
2.)    Decrease the protein
3.)    Decrease dairy intake
4.)    Eat every 2-3 hours!

Okay, when I first heard all of the above I thought, okay #1 and #4 are doable, I like veggies and who doesn’t love eating? But #2 and #3 took some convincing. My family lived off of red meat with every meal and my dad sells dairy! How was I supposed to cut those back? I didn’t listen to Anneliese in regards to #2 and #3 for quite a while and kept firm to my ways. But each time I sent in my food log, she pointed out  that all of my, “I feel heavy or bloated” or “the workout was hard, almost like little rocks in my stomach” comments, were after a meals that was heavy in red meat and/or dairy. So, I decided to give 2 and 3 a try. The decrease was gradual but worth it! With a combination of the above, I feel energized throughout the day and have been able to achieve if not surpass my fitness goals.

Starting this journey, I was able to run for maybe a full 2 minutes before feeling exhausted, winded and just plain defeated. I set my 2012 goal to be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes. Between the help of Anneliese Smith and Renee Quintana I had a program established to build my cardio base and a support system to get me through anything. I kept at the program, week after week seeing improvements! Within 6 months of beginning my training program, I was able to finish the Montanan Governor’s Cup 10k in 1 hour and 8 minutes; surpassing my 2012 running goal within 6 months.

Now 8 months down, I have dropped from a size 12 (more like a 13) to a size 6/7. I am now 143 pounds and working towards my goal weight. I had to adjust my 2012 fitness goals, since I SMASHED them within 6 months, but heck, fitness is all about moving forward! I have established a healthy lifestyle and am so thankful for the guidance and support that I have received along the way.” Katie Hawkins20140707_174755

Thank you for letting me be apart of your journey! –Anneliese 

Exercise class is very motivating to me.  Working out together seems to help build some team spirit, I have met people at BCBS that I would not know otherwise by attending our exercise classes.   Being able to work out over my lunch hour has been very convenient for me, as I have younger children at home, and finding time in the morning or night can be very challenging.  Building the bonds with the exercise class members has helped me to continue to work out on the days that the classes are offered, even if it is just seeing everyone else’s smiling faces,  it is very motivating for me and helps me to continue to go to the classes that are offered.  The classes are VERY affordable when you look at what a great work out we get comparing it to joining a health club, working together in a group setting is awesome!  Anneliese makes the classes very fun, she is very motivating, and I have to say, I have done some group workouts in the past, and feel that she inspires people to keep coming back for more, no matter how sore or out of shape we may feel after class.”   J

Physically, I can tell that I have made a difference by attending these classes in both my increased strength and cardiovascular endurance.  Mentally, I feel deprived if I miss a class during the week due to a scheduling conflict, and really do look forward to going twice a week, or more often in the future if we are able to expand on the days offered. (Happy class participant!)

October 2013 “I began doing corrective work with Anneliese this past summer of June 2013.  I LIndahave arthritis and gait problems from a severe car accident 16 years ago that has altered my body in ways that had left me weak, tight and increasingly uncomfortable.  When I saw Anneliese’s card in my Chiropractor’s office I knew I needed her help.  I have been very impressed with Anneliese.   I have worked with physical therapists and personal trainers before but her knowledge and skill surpasses anyone in my prior experience.  She’s helped me understand what is happening with my body and given me tools and techniques that I can use to ease my tightness and discomfort.  We are working at strengthening my body in ways that will change my posture and gait that will help my comfort and mobility.  Her guidance has given me the patience needed to address my problems and inspires my commitment to see if I can improve my physical functioning and well-being.  Anneliese is well-known in Helena as a personal trainer and has positively influenced the health of an amazing number of people in our community and I am fortunate to count myself to be one of those.  Linda Sandman

November 2013  I have been suffering with hip pain for the past 4 years.  The intensity of the pain and discomfort really became unbearable in the last year of 2013.  I began working with Anneliese to try and resolve my hip pain.  This was definitely a complex issue that had been going on for a long time.  She worked diligently with me as we isolated the exact location causing the pain.  Over the course of several weeks we were able to dramatically relieve my constant pain and discomfort.  I am so excited to be essentially pain free and to have control of my body back.  We are now working on strengthening my hip complex and gaining back my mobility.  It has been so long since I have felt this good.  Thank you so much Anneliese for your determination in resolving my pain and helping me work though it!!!  Charmaine Barker

August 2012  “Force Fitness”, Anneliese Swingle’s personal training business, has helped me become fit, healthier and more confident about myself and my abilities.  After hearing about Force Fitness from some friends, I decided that it would help with my soccer training.  My results have been absolutely fantastic.  The training itself has helped me lose weight and grow stronger and more confident!  Also, her counseling and dietary advice has helped me lead a healthier lifestyle.  If you’re looking for help to become a more fit you—I recommend Force Fitness.  Catherine Etchart age 17

Anneliese, thank you for all of your time in providing us with this opportunity!!!  As I try to type up something for you, I am very thankful that I have been able to take advantage of this and that you are here working with all of us.”  (in regards to the workout classes held  at 1st Christian Church)  2009 – 2013   

October 2014  Over four years ago, a coworker friend of mine insisted that I check out some crazy fitness instructor that was teaching a free fitness class in some nearby church.  I was extremely hesitant and not excited about going at all.  At that time in my life, fitness was not about being healthy.  I was running on a regular basis and most people would say I was in decent shape.  What people didn’t realize was I ran to quiet the voices that told me I was disgusting.  As long as I got my run in every day I could look in the mirror and not cringe at the sight of the person looking back at me.  I had never been overweight as far as the numbers on the scale, but when looking at myself I could only see flaws and eventually became completely obsessed with trying to fix them. 

I am not sure when or why the negative talk in my head started.  I am sure it all stemmed from a feeling of being different from the people around me that I had struggled with for most of my life, and from a series of unfortunate events in my teen years.  By the time I reached adulthood, I had mastered keeping my thoughts hidden by running, eating just enough, and abusing diet pills.  I was convinced that on the outside looking in, I was keeping up the appearance that I had it all together. 

I wasn’t ready to let anyone in on my secret, but my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to meet the person that had the people in my office crying every time they had to get in or out of their chairs.  I realized two very important things by the end of that very first class.  One, I was in terrible shape!  That pint sized woman totally kicked my ass in a way that I didn’t know was possible!  And two, that evil little woman that in 40 short minutes took away my ability to walk for three days (I am obviously still a little bitter about that first ass kicking) was exactly who I needed in my life to save me from myself.  What I didn’t realize was the impact that Anneliese would have on my life in the years to come.  I simply knew that she was someone that I wanted to keep around. 

I began attending Anneliese’s classes as often as they were offered.  I slowly started picking her brain about everything from running, to strength training, eating right, to corrective exercises and injury prevention.  The more I learned the more excited I became about being truly healthy.  My reasons for working out slowly evolved, and the more classes I attended the more I actually enjoyed working out.  I began making better choices for my body, and my body slowly started responding to the changes. I didn’t just see a difference when I looked in the mirror, but I was also becoming a stronger runner and an overall stronger person.  The strength that Anneliese was helping me build was taking me to levels that I never dreamed were possible.  I started enjoying running and felt a strength during my runs that was far beyond anything I had ever felt. 

Over the course of the last four years, with Anneliese’s help, compassion and guidance I have been able to completely transform my mind and body.  Anneliese didn’t just give me a physical strength that I didn’t know was possible, most importantly she gave me the ability to look in the mirror and be proud of the woman staring back at me. I don’t know where I would be today without Anneliese’s encouragement to step out of the darkness of the cocoon that I had wrapped myself in and make the changes needed to live a physically and emotionally healthy life.  Thank you Anneliese for being my light!    Renee

November 2014–

Hi, my name is GG and I just finished the Corrective Exercise Sessions with Anneliese Swingle from Force Fitness.  I went to Anneliese because of a back injury that happened last year in October.  Up to that time, I was a fairly regular exerciser and felt quite strong.

After I injured my back I found myself scared to exercise too much for fear of re-injuring my lower back.  Consequently, my muscles weakened and my stamina suffered.                                   GG

On my first session, I could barely roll my legs and back on the foam roller and trying to do the exercises was comical!  However after coming home and working everyday I could see improvement and my confidence began to grow.

Now that I have finished the sessions I am ready to start to build my strength and endurance back up without fear of injury.  What Anneliese taught me was how to hold myself correctly and how to allow my own muscles to help me and not work against me.  I learned how to loosen my tight muscles and make them productive.  No amount of stretching was going to get them to let go, but this rolling on the roller, tennis ball and golf ball made a believer out of me.

I appreciate that Anneliese listened to me and helped me want to get better. She has a very encouraging way of teaching and is not afraid of taking the time to find out something if she doesn’t know the answer right away.  She works with other professionals who do body work and makes you feel as if she truly has your best interests in mind.  She expects you to work each week and if you do that, you will improve.  Why else would you pay someone to help you get better if you are not willing to do the homework?

I am thankful I went to these sessions and I look forward now to improved health, strength and flexibility.  I very much recommend Force Fitness to anyone looking to improve their


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