This is my vent. And it’s because I care.

Are you thinking of “taking it easy” for the holidays by eating a bunch of sugar and other garbage and then starting your transformation in the “New Year”?

Have you also tried a diet or workout plan for 3 or 4 weeks and then you quit and went back to your old routine and gained the weight back again? Have you done this multiple times?

Please read on….

Lately I’ve been getting messages from people like:

“I want to start working with you, but after the holidays.”

Here’s the problem.

I’ve noticed something as a trainer.

People who “take time off” from training, eating healthy, and basically succumb to “instant gratification” during the holidays never reach their health goals.

They never have the body, energy, or CONFIDENCE they really want.

They never escape the guilt and shame around their body and health.


Because they’ve believed a lie from the culture (more on that in a minute). And as a result, they’re inconsistent.

They do this all year long. They start and stop.

*They watch a Youtube video or see an instagram post and get motivated. 
* They start working out. 
* They stop drinking so much soda. They eat a little better, start to gain some progress…
* …and then they give in to temptation from their friends and family (who also have never reached their health goals) and then go backward.
* They gain weight, feel sad and lonely and guilty and with regret.
* Then they start a fad diet, lose some weight… 
* …then the holidays or vacation or blah blah blah shows up and they give themselves the excuse to gain weight again.

And the cycle repeats itself.

Is this how you want to live? If you’ve done this, do you want to keep repeating this pattern? Do you want this next year to go like it has the last year? Or the last 10 years?

Because I can tell you this. When people commit to their transformation during the holidays. Those people stay on track. They are setting a new standard for their life despite what their family, friends, or the “culture” says to do.

The culture that says to eat whatever you want because it tastes good. The culture which says to eat a bunch of sugary and fatty foods during the holidays. As much as you want, without a care given to your future “hangover” or regret.

Speaking of this culture, did you realize the culture is what the majority of people believe and do, and two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.

That’s what American culture and beliefs cause people to become. Do you want to be a statistic like the culture?

Do you want to be overweight and obese like your neighbors probably are?

Or do you want to finally be free?

I help people get free.

And I definitely help people do it when their friends, family, and the culture is showing them the pathway to guilt, insecurity, and an early death.

Do you want to know my best strategies for losing weight and transforming during the holiday season?

If you do, and you’re ready to transform your life now (and stop putting off until later what you know you need to do now),

Then comment below “I’m ready” and send me a message.

Here’s a fact. NO ONE who actually has great energy, feels confident and proud of themselves (and the example they are to their family), puts off to later what they know is best today.

The people who “start and stop” and “struggle with consistency” are ALL PEOPLE who say “I’ll do it later.” In one form or another. They ALL SAY just another week, just another holiday season, just another cookie…and it always leads to one more year gone by and more regret on their mind.

Here’s my challenge to you…

Stop believing the LIE that the holidays are a time to be unhealthy, eat like crap, and be lethargic in the name of “love for family and friends.”

Stop fitting in with people who don’t have the same goals and desires as you.

Stand out and have the life you want.

It’s not truly loving to you, your family, or your future self to treat yourself like garbage. It’s actually punishing yourself.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t become a trainer so I could let people off the hook. I became a trainer because I decided I want people’s lives to transform.

Right now, that means inviting you to join me to transform NOW, and not wait until the New Year.

Comment below and say “I’m ready,” and send me a message. I’ll get you access to a training you can use to start your transformation now.

P.S. I can’t wait for you to greet the New Year with a “before and after” transformation picture, instead of regret and wishing you hadn’t gained 5 lbs in 30 days.

P.P.S. It’s your time. You can do this. I will help you.

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