I liken all my testimonials to the transformation of a butterfly!!  They are all unique and very special in my life!!  Thank you SO much Connie for sharing your testimonial of your experience in the 90 Day Enlightenment Blueprint program! 

I came to Anneliese last summer after several years of consistent weight gain and fighting an uphill battle with menopause. I felt like my life was out of control because my health was out of control. So after debating it for several months, I signed up for the 90-day enlightenment program. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but it was a very comprehensive nutrition, exercise and mindfulness program. It turns out you have to attack the problem from ALL of those angles. I learned a lot about myself over those 90 days, lost 8 pounds, about 3% body fat and 9 inches, mostly from my waist and hips.

Anneliese is running a very successful program that I believe is sustainable and dedicated to the success of every individual. If you allow her, she will be your coach, mentor, cheerleader, and biggest fan! She helped me replace bad habits with good ones, that I hope to maintain for the long haul. If you are ready to make a change and invest in yourself, I highly recommend Anneliese.

Power Strength today is going on in the Octane Studio at 12:10 Fuel Fitness!  Will it be hard?  Hmmm?  Maybe?  Will it be worth it YES!!  Will you be glad you did it?  YES YES YES!! See you soon!

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