Here in little old Helena, MT we were fortunate enough to take in God’s beauty one night while driving home.  The picture’s God paints for our minds IF we just take a moment to enjoy are breathtaking.  How can something so beautiful speak so many words.  I was immediately filled with gratitude for:  my eyesight, my health, my mind, my friends, my family, my home, my LIFE (just to name a few things).  God gently reminds me to be mindful.  He speaks to my senses and I’m always reminded to GIVE THANKS.  Please share YOUR gentle reminders!!  I want to see….

Hey hey hey!! It’s Boot Camp today!  What do you say we do some Bomb Bursts?? OH JOY!!  We HAVE to get ready for the holidays!  Speaking of…have you signed up for my 40 day Mindful Challenge?  It’s NOT too late!  Just DO IT!  Here’s the form to get you signed up!

Fear keeps you from ever achieving what you truly desire!

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