That’s the latest buzzword for abdominal and back work. Have you ever heard “ you’re only as strong as your core!”? Ask my clients, they’ve heard it alot. It’s true, without a strong center, the extremities cannot be strong. Let’s start training…First, lie down on the floor, knees bent, with feet flat. Slide your fingers beneath the small of your back til your fingertips touch, then breathe. As you are breathing, focus on pulling your navel to your spine, lifting up your pelvic floor (that means kegeling-you know, stopping the flow of urine), and squeezing your glutes (or butt). Do all of this while keeping your back in its neutral position. This is called Core bracing. You can practice core bracing anywhere, anytime. Hold the brace for 15 seconds, (but don’t hold your breath) then rest for 5 seconds. Do this 6 times. Try to increase your bracing to 1 minute. Now you’re ready to add movement to your bracing exercise.While lying on the floor core braced, lift one leg off the floor no more than 3 inches, hold 5 seconds, and then switch legs. Repeat 6 times. The key is NOT letting go of the butt squeeze while lifting your leg. If you let go of the butt squeeze, you are not core braced.Remember, practice makes perfect and it takes alot of practice to properly core brace.
Core exercises incorporating breathing techniques